Destiny Intro


What is the Destiny Intro?

Destiny is an exciting first person shooter game that was developed by Bungie. This Destiny intro is based on the video effects in Destiny. This intro is set in outer space, and above Earth. This is a futuristic intro developed with Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects CS6.


Intro Description

This Destiny intro starts off with a slow zoom above Earth. The camera zooms in towards epty space with the bottom of the camera showing earth. After a couple of seconds you intro text comes onto the screen with a shower of light from the background. You intro text glows bright and then slowly fades to a normal brightness. As this is happened there are particles being produced under your intro text.

How the Destiny intro is Made

In this intro tutorial I use Sony Vegas Pro to make the intro. I go in-depth of how to exactly make this intro. The first thing done to make the intro was to create an optical flare. An optical flare was created in After Effects CS6 using the Optical Flare plug-in made by Video Copilot. The Plug-in can be bought from their website ( Once the flare was created I also had to make some particles that shot out from under the title text. In order to make the particles I used Trapcode Particular. Trapcode Particular is another plug-in for After Effects CS6. This plug-in can be bought from After the optical flare and the particles I render them out and imported them to sony vegas pro. The images of Earth and the space background was obtained from Google images. You can also watch the tutorial of this Intro under the Sony Vegas Pro Tutorials tab.