How to Make a Space Intro in Sony Vegas Pro 12


How to Make a Cool Professional Space Intro in Sony Vegas Pro 13

In this awesome intro tutorial I show you how to make a space themed intro in Sony Vegas Pro 12. I start off by getting some images from Google Images, and they are a starry background and an image of an optical flare. The intro itself starts off with just a starry background in space, and then transitions to a flare brightening from the left side, and final your text or YouTube channel name fades into view. The tutorial is meant for beginners of almost any Sony Vegas Pro program, and it shows some basic steps to help you make your intro look a bit more professional. The tutorial will show you how to use optical flares in Sony Vegas Pro and also how to make some smoke using noise textures. I also show you how turning video layers into add layers adds a whole new depth into your intro making. In the end I show you how to make a cool professional intro in Sony Vegas Pro 12. The link to my YouTube video in provided incase you want to see the comments for any unanswered questions. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed check out some of my other intros.