How to Make a Professional Explosive Intro in Sony Vegas Pro 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 (Tutorial)


This explosive intro was made using Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects CS6. The first prerendered effect was the optical flare. This light flare was made in After Effects CS6 using the Optical Flare Plug- in, which is made by Video Copilot and can be bought here

The particles effect was also made in After Effects CS6 using the Trapcode particular plug-in, which can also be purchased here

Explosive Intro Description

The intro starts off with an atom spinning with a optical flare shining into the camera. There is a repetitive noise in the background that sounds like a generator. Then something goes wrong and causes a loud explosion. After some sort of malfunction the atom explodes and causes smoke, and radioactive particles flying upwards. A light source shines from the bottom as you intro text slowly comes into view.

Customize to your liking

This explosive intro can be easily customized. All colors can be changed in this intro using the color correcting video FX in Sony Vegas Pro. The color of the atom and the light flare can also be changed. The ending particles can also be changed to something else. The smoke can be colored in, because the default smoke is just a normal gray. This intro can also be bought from this website. Simply click the “Buy Intro” option from the tab above. If bought it will be customized with your text and sent to you in 2-5 days depending on orders placed at the time.

In this video I show you how to make a cool professional explosion intro in sony vegas pro. My website: Check out my gaming channel: If you enjoyed don't subscribe, because i messed up. :D Follow Me Credit for atom animation goes to Footageisland channel


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