How to Make a Professional Underwater Intro in Sony Vegas Pro 13/12


This underwater intro was made using Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects CS6. There are multiple prerenders that were used. The first were the particles above the intro that act as waves. The waves were made using Trapcode particular, which can also be purchased here

The second prerendered effect was the optical flare. This light flare was made in After Effects CS6 using the Optical Flare Plug- in, which is made by Video Copilot and can be bought here

Underwater Intro Description

The underwater intro scene starts off with the camera in shallow water. In the scene there are particles going back and forth, which is meant to mimic small waves. The particles above the scene have a slight blue tint. The background is of a rock wall and surrounded by darkness. The is an unnatural light coming from underneath the scene. The light is meant to only slightly illuminate the scene. You title text fades into view with a blue tint. This is were the intro cuts off randomly.


This underwater intro can be customized easily. The background rocks can be changed to anything the editor wants. The particles above the scene can be changed to any color because they are a neutral white from the raw file. The optical flare from the bottom of change already has a blue tint, but can be edited to a different color with some color correcting. The intro can also be bought on this site. Simply click the "Buy intro" tab above. Once bought the intro will be customized by me to your liking. The editing process can take 2-5 days.

underwater intro
underwater intro

I show you how to make a video underwater or water/ocean intro in sony vegas pro 12

Download files for the underwater intro

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