Best Elgato Render Settings in Sony Vegas Pro 13 for Youtube 1080p/60fps

Best Sony Vegas Render Settings | Quick Guide 

These settings are the best render settings I have found for Sony Vegas pro, although this post focuses on the best render settings for the elgato game capture, these settings will work for pretty much all of your videos in Sony Vegas. I consider the best render settings to output 1080p at 60fps, so that is what I will show you to do below. 

Best SV Render settings Directions  

  • Click the Project property button and set your video to 1080p 60fps 
  • On your Footage in your timeline Right Click >Properties >Select Disable Resample 
  • Once you're done editing, go to File >Render As  
  • In the Render As windows scroll down and click on SonyAVC/MVC 
  • After expanding SonyAVC/MVC, scroll down to internet 1920x 1080-30p 
  • Copy the settings through this link

For more detailed explanation keep reading this post below. Or watch this great video on the topic.

In this video I will show you the best render settings in sony vegas pro 13 for almost any video. I will show you how to get the best quality for your videos, I will show you the best presets, video fx, and render settings.

In this post I will show you the best render settings for the elgato game capture HD 60 in sony vegas pro 13. The Elgato game capture hd 60 is the most popular video game capture device, and sony vegas pro 13 is the most popular video editing software on youtube. This post will show you how to get the best quality from your elgato game capture, I will show you the best presets, video fx, and render settings.  





First Correctly set your Project Properties & Video Properties 

A lot of youtubers mess up this part when rendering an Elgato capture in sony vegas. First thing you need to do is make sure your project is at 1080p and 60fps. To start, the project properties button is on the top left of the video preview window, once you click that you will get the window below. Just copy my settings exactly. After that's completed it’s very important to right click on your video footage from the elgato game capture, and click properties. Once the video properties opens up make sure to uncheck Reduce interlace flicker and select disable resample.  


Add Slight Video FX to Your Elgato Game Capture Footage 

RAW footage from the elgato game capture does not always look the best after It's been rendered in sony vegas. In order to combat the slight decrease in quality we have to add slight video fx. I found the only two video fx you need from sony vegas pro 13 are Color Curves and Sharpen. Go to the Video FX tab in sony vegas pro 13 and scroll down to Color Curves, also do the same for the sharpen video fx (sharp very lightly, even less than the lowest preset), and click and drag the default option down to your elgato footage. The video FX part is hard to describe because different games will have different settings. Try not to sharpen or color correct too much, because it will destroy the quality. The goal of the video fx part is to just add slight adjustments in order to get the best quality from your elgato and sony vegas pro 13. Be very delicate with your video fx on the elgato game capture footage to get the best quality. 

The Best Render Settings for Elgato Game Capture in Sony Vegas Pro 13 

Once all the above is done, then go to file and click Render As. I found that the .mp4 format on youtube looks the best with the elgato capture card. Sony Vegas Pro 13 comes with it’s own .mp4 codec, and I think it looks the best, and it even renders quicker than the other codecs. The high bitrate also produces perfect video quality, and looks amazing on youtube. After you click on SonyAVC/MVC than click the internet preset and edit it with the settings below. Make sure to copy my settings exactly, and you should get the absolute best quality render. 


If you've followed all the tips above then you should have the best render settings with the elgato game capture and sony vegas pro 13. Setting up the correct project settings is as essential as the render settings. The video fx make sure your elgato RAW footage looks lossless. The render settings produce the best quality with the Elgato Game Capture and using Sony Vegas Pro 13 ensures you have the best game recordings on youtube.