3 Best Gaming Chairs that Professional Gamers Use


  • Stress on spine constricts blood vessels and nerves
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Muscle, disc and joint injury
  • Constant  headaches and fatigue
  • Improper breathing 
  • Incorrect Posture

Correct Posture Reduces Strain of Muscles 

The right posture places the least strain on muscles and ligaments and the bones are properly aligned, the best gaming chair needs to do this well. While standing upright, one should be able to draw a straight line from your earlobe, through shoulders, hips and knees to the middle of your ankles. While gaming, your back should be correctly aligned to the back rest. Arms flexed from the elbow at a 75-90 degree angle are apt and feet should be placed firmly on the ground. The hips should either be on the same or at a slightly higher angle.  

Mastering and maintaining ergonomic posture while gaming might take some initial efforts, but the results sure transform you into a healthy, youthful person! In order for this to happen you need the best gaming chair. 

Correct Posture While Gaming Reduces Chances of Injury 

The best gaming chair needs to be there when you need it, while gaming. Now, most of us don’t need a reason to dread hours of gaming! Uncomfortable seating can ruin health and bring down gaming performance.  Our spine is essentially designed for movement and long bouts of sitting can injure it. Nevertheless, gaming sometimes requires being seated for long hours at a stretch, and though stretching, simple exercises and 2 min breaks can ease stress, it is advised to make all changes possible to ensure the right posture while seated. 

Ergonomics in furniture means applying science to the designing of furniture, in a way that the furniture conforms comfortably to the human body and significantly eases stress and strain on the muscles, bones and ligaments of the body. The best gaming chair while ergonomically designed can prevent slouching and provide ample lumbar support. These would be the perfect choice for gamers who spend long hours sitting and are more prone to back and neck problems.


  • Casters: Mounted wheels onto the chair, aptly on a 5 point base.
  • Seat Pan:  Either with small-cell foam padding or coils.
  • Backrest: Should correctly curve to fit the small of the back, providing crucial lumbar support.
  • Armrests: These should be designed so that adjustments to height and width may be made.
  • Tilt Back: This feature should enable one to lean back and shift body weight to the back rest.
  • Hydraulic Seat Height Adjustment Feature: This prevents slouching and leaning forward.
  • Mesh Backrest: This features rules out excessive heat and moisture build up.
  • Adjustable Headrests:  This enables you to tilt and stretch back your head at periodic intervals.

The perfect, ergonomically designed gaming chair would promote free blood circulation and ease stress on the spinal cord and lumbar area. 

It is important to note that while gaming performance cannot be increased by merely providing ergonomically designed chairs, it does contribute significantly to increased efficiency and reduction in the incidents of injury while gaming for long hours. Now let's checkout the best gaming chairs on the market.  

X Rocker Pro Series 2  

Ace Bayou

Fits all Sizes of Gamers

Manufacturers of the X Rocker Pro Series 2 Gaming Chair were promising us unforgettable experience while using their latest product. This chair weighs 54.2 pounds which are making it very stable and hard to fall over. Its dimensions are big enough to support a retired basketball player who is 6 feet tall and 220 pounds heavy (Height - 23.5 inches, Width - 23 inches, Length - 28.5 inches). The build quality is on reason this is in our list of the best gaming chair.

Various Audio Features

Designer’s team is especially proud of the fact that X Rocker Pro Series 2 has very powerful audio features. It contains a couple of speakers combined with a subwoofer using the 2.1 AFM Technology which is good enough to give the out of world audio experience. It’s good to mention that this chair has built-in wireless radio frequency receiver and transmitter that is compatible with all of the RCA stereo outputs. Speakers are placed laterally in the head rest, just to make sure to magnify the sound quality and improve the overall experience.

Good for Long Gaming Sessions 

The X Rocker Pro Series 2 will provide you a very comfortable long gaming hours, especially because it has the option to adjust the pedestal base height, making possible to rock and tilt as much as you like. Another beautiful touch are gunstock arms, which contribute to a really powerful appearance of the chair, and of course, they will give you much needed support.

The users of the X Rocker Pro Series 2 are united in the opinion that this chair is one of the best ones on the market. Everyone agreed upon its comfort, quality sound, and vibrations. You can be completely sure that this chair will hold up at its best for a minimum of 3 years, easily even more. 

X Rocker Pro Series 2 is compatible with most of the leading gaming consoles, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and higher, and of course your PC. It also contains ports for headphones and a mp3 hookup, and no recorded delay while using the wireless transmitter.

Some of the users, which took experiments with the chair (get it used by more than 1000 different people during one weekend) reported that the X Rocker Pro Series 2 can support a lot of rocking, tilting and swiveling, without taking any damage to the exterior, or to the electronic features. Hard usage of this excellent chair won’t make it worse, its steadiness will prevail providing you with the long-lasting piece of furniture. 

At the end, it’s needless to say that X Rocker Pro Series 2 is a great, if not the best choice for a present to your loved ones, especially for gamers who need something cosy to support their stressed bodies, including a lot of great features that will provide high-quality sound and external connectivity. The X Rocker Pro Series 2 has a beautiful design that will magnificently blend into your house interior, and it will be a great conversation starter when you welcome some of your acquaintances, friends, and family. Overall, This X rocker chair is on our list, because it is the best overall package for the price.  

The DXRacer Formula Series

$289.00 $339.00


Gaming is more than a hobby to some. For a lot of us gaming is a passion, and like everything we have a passion for, we want the experience to be as exciting as possible every single time. This means procuring the right additions to the experience to make it better, and a legitimate gaming chair is a much better option than your living room couch when it comes to the full gamin experience. The DXRacer Formula Series is  for those who want either the most comfortable seat for the game or something else to add another layer to the complete immersion. Used frequently in the eSports community, these chairs provide top notch quality in both support and luxury. The popularity of this chair put in our best gaming chairs list.

Full Body Support

DX Racer sent over their F-Series, a chair designed for gamers with a smaller frame. Could this be the ideal gaming chair for someone like me?

Constantly struggling to get comfortable when settling down for an intense gaming session? Does some part of your body start to hurt a few hours in, likely thanks to the uncomfortable nature of wherever you normally sit? Let’s be honest, good posture is important, but a lot of us gamers don’t really practice that while we play, so having a chair that executes the important parts of body support is something to appreciate.

High Build Quality 

We’ll talk about the specifics of the construction in a moment, but the material of the DXRacer itself is already a big part of why it is so comfortable. Its high-density cold cure foam filling makes the DXRacer ideal for extremely long game sessions, providing a comfortable resting place even if you occupy the chair for eight hours and beyond. 

But the construction of the chair helps too. Its high straight back helps prevent back pain over long periods of time, and it has fully adjustable soft pad armrests to provide the most convenience during a session. It also comes with an adjustable spring so you can sit at your ideal height, and an integrated headrest to keep that neck nice and relaxed no matter how long you play. The adjustable seat flexibility helps ensure that you have the perfect gaming position every time as well. The amazing back support is another reason this is considered one of the best.

Lifetime Warranty

What really sells the DXRacer Formula Series is its ability to provide long term comfortable body support during play, but knowing that you have a lifetime warranty on it doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately the lifetime warranty applies only to the frame of the chair, but you at least get twenty four months on the parts, so you’ve got two years to mess it up if you’re going to.


If you want the definitive opinion on the DXRacer, it always pays to look at the general consensus on the matter. As far as reviews are concerned, only eight percent of them, of over two hundred, are two star reviews and below. The other ninety-two percent are all positive, three stars and above. The public has spoken: the DXRacer Formula Series is super comfortable for pro and casual gamers alike. You cannot go wrong with this great chair.

DX Racer Drifting Series 

$379.00 $419.00

So you’re a gamer, someone who sits at their computer all hours of the day and night in a chair that you have had for the last teen years. Are you comfortable in that chair anymore? Does it serve the purpose? 

Well it most likely serves the purpose of being a place to sit, but when you think about it you have to be in something that’s ergonomically beneficial to the task at hand. Meaning where you spend the majority of your time needs to be beneficial physically and the more comfortable it is, the longer you can play. Afterall,comfort is paramount.

One chair has the ability to give you the comfort and support you need during the long nights ahead. That would be the DX Racer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NG Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat. This seat will literally be the last one that you would need and would replace with the same one if necessary. This offers the support and comfort you need. 

Various Styles and Colors

This seat doesn’t come in just black; there are offers of color Black and grey, black and coffee, or black and white. If you order the seat from Amazon you have the choice to have it shipped either in pieces, or assembled for an additional charge. Really though, it’s not worth the cost as it’s simple enough to do yourself.  Like other desk chairs it comes with the Allen wrench to secure everything. 

The seat itself looks like a seat in a race car. The materials ensure that the user doesn’t get too hot and remains comfortable. The chair itself offers adjustable height armrests and also does raise and lower about 12cm in total. 

Innovative Recline Feature

One of the most fascinating parts about this chair is the recline. Do you know when you are playing for a while and you just want to lean back and stretch your back out, but either you’ll feel like the chair is completed unbalanced and you get the scare of your life that you are going to fall, or you actually do. Many don’t even offer a recline. But this one does. It has the ability to lay nearly flat and the user can lift their feet off the ground in that position without having the above fear. 

As for additional comfort the seat also comes with a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow. You are going to feel like you are in business class worthy seating while sitting at your desk.  

Make sure it Fits your Dimensions 

Now of course I know there are some that want the details when it comes to the cost and also any restricting factors. Let’s get into the nitty gritty. There is a weight limit of less than 200 lbs and it is recommended that the user be less than 5’8” tall. That does limit those that can sit in it, but not significantly enough that the chair isn’t worth it if you do fall in the acceptable range category. 

Cost, the most important thing, you are looking at $359. Is it worth it you ask? Yes, yes it is. The comfort and ability to stretch out is one of the most beneficial things physically. Plus there is the idea that the more comfortable you are the better you perform, which Is important when gaming. You could also fall asleep in it with its deep recline too. The choice is yours. 

But I do advise to give this seat a go and have it waiting for you to put together (or already completed) for when you get home for your next gaming session.