Top 3 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 Ranked by Gamers

HAVIT Rainbow Gaming Keyboard Review

You have been looking all over for a gaming keyboard but maybe some brands that are well over $100 are not ideal options for you. Luckily for you, there are more affordable options that you can choose from so that you can get an amazing gaming experience without going broke for it. Fine the best gaming keyboard under $50 is not easy, so we did all the hard work for you. 

Affordable and Well Made

One of those options that you can look at in the affordable range is the HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard. This will take a close look at this keyboard to see if it has everything that you need for your gaming experience. This is one of the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars, so it should fit into your budget nicely too. 

Backlit Keyboard for Dark Gaming

Unboxing the Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set with Adjustable LED Backlight. A closeup look of the keyboard and mouse combo set and lighting it up. HAVIT® HV-KB558CM LED Adjustable Backlit Brightness {UK Layout} Gaming keyboard and Mouse Combo Set (White) 

The backlight offers a unique aesthetic to your keyboard that you may enjoy but it does not offer any gaming benefit to you. You can easily turn them on and off as you please. With this keyboard, you are able to use up to 19 keys simultaneously without any issues. You also get 12 multimedia keys as well as interchangeable WASD keys. On the back, you get 2 anti-skid mats that keep the keyboard from sliding while you are in the middle of gaming. Now that you know all of the basics about this keyboard, it is time to see why this is on our best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars list. 

High Build Quality with High Tech Features

One of the best things to note about this keyboard is that it is a very durable keyboard. Often times when you spend this much on a keyboard, you do not have very good expectations about the quality of keyboard that you are getting. The additional keys on the side of the keyboard are absolutely perfect for playing MMOs, giving you that edge that you need to game better. Another benefit to this keyboard is the anti-ghosting technology, which can be so useful as you are playing your games. For those who are unfamiliar with what this means, anti-ghosting technology allows the keyboard to record every single keystroke that you make for more accurate gaming. This technology is one reason this makes it into the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars category. 

It is important to note that this keyboard is a membrane keyboard. However, unlike other membrane keyboards, you still get a great experience when you use this keyboard. This is expected for the price but there are a lot of membrane keyboards that just do not offer such a good gaming experience. When using this keyboard, you may forget that it is a membrane keyboard because of how smoothly it works.

If you do not have a fortune to pay for a keyboard, this is a great option for you to purchase. You will get a high level of performance without having to take out a loan for a big name brand keyboard. It is incredibly easy to set up, especially since the multimedia keys are already programmed and ready for you to use. On top of being a keyboard with great performance, you also get to look at a stylist and sleek keyboard that offers you a colorful sight while you play your favorite games. This may not offer the same bells and whistles that you get for a keyboard that you pay double for, but it does adequately enhance your gaming experience. This great overall package is one of the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars. 

Perixx PX-1100 Backlit Review

PC gaming is incredibly popular right now and as a result, people are always looking for the best peripherals that they can afford so that they can get whatever competitive edge that they can while playing games. The problem is that not everyone has the funds to pay over $100 for a keyboard for gaming.

Luckily, there are quite a few alternatives on the market that come at a much more affordable price than some of the larger name brand keyboards. One of these options is the Perixx PX-1100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard.

Has Many Useful Features for Gamers

I highly suggest this keyboard - really nice functionalities and can't quite think of any gaming keyboard that comes close at the £35 price tag, especially for all its functionalities and feel to the keyboard.

Here is a close look at this option to help you see if this is going to be the best keyboard for your needs. This full sized keyboard has two stands on the back that allow you to adjust the keyboard based on what you prefer. It is backlit, offering 3 different colors that you can customize the lights to. Right on the keyboard, you will be able to control the brightness, making it easier to see at nighttime if you need to. This affordable gaming keyboard also has an adjustable palm rest for you to get the right level of comfort while you are gaming, allowing you to game longer more comfortably.

High Build Quality, Ensuring Long Lifetime

One of the big selling points for this keyboard is that you are getting a high quality keyboard. The fact that the letters seem to last for at least a year without any sign of failing is just one big selling point for this keyboard. The LEDs are high quality, staying brighter for longer. It also has a great feel to it, between the design of it with the palm rest and the rubber coating. This allows for more comfortable gaming, which is important because you have likely used peripherals before that offered a less than comfortable experience and this negatively impacted your gaming. 

There is one problem with it and that is that there seems to be ghosting issues when playing. This can create a less than ideal gaming experience but for the most part this is not something that is noticeable. The keyboard functions well and lasts long, which are really the most important quality whenever you spend more than $20 on a keyboard. It is very quiet and you will get a smooth experience when using this keyboard. 

For those people who do not have the means to spend a fortune on a gaming keyboard, Perixx seems to offer a great alternative that you should definitely look into. Gaming keyboards are so important to having a great PC gaming experience that it is essential that you do your research to pick an option that works well for your needs. Ideally, you want something that is quality made and that feels comfortable for those longer gaming sessions. The Perixx PX-1100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard is the perfect option that is on the lower price end of the gaming keyboard spectrum. You are going to get more than what you pay for with this comfortable and aesthetically pleasing keyboard.

AULA Mechanical Review

When you are looking at gaming keyboards, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by not only all of the choices on the market but also at the prices they seem to go for. You do not need to empty out your bank account to enjoy the gaming experience that a good gaming keyboard can offer you. 

As a gamer, you know that you need every advantage that you can possibly get to be the best gamer possible. This means that you need to carefully choose your equipment to get this competitive edge, especially when it comes to choosing a keyboard.

Unboxing and Review of the AULA Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by AFUNTA.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

The AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a keyboard that boasts having an ergonomic design that gives you the comfort you need for longer gaming sessions. It has a minimalistic look but this is also one of the better selling features because the colorful backlit keyboards do not offer any benefit for your gaming. There are features like the lock and unlock ability with your Windows key to make sure that you do not accidentally hit it and have problems during your game. It is a larger keyboard that is a perfect addition to any gamer looking to optimize their gaming experience. This simple but vital feature easily earns a place as the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars. 

Durable and Long Lasting Keyboard

So is this a good keyboard to invest in? The first thing to discuss is the durability of the keyboard. With the AULA, you will get a high quality keyboard for a price that you can afford. This is a very durable keyboard and may even arguably be more durable than its more costly competitors. Another big selling point to this keyboard is the ergonomic design. This helps avoid the fatigued feeling in your arms that you get after marathon gaming sessions. In fact, the ergonomic design may very well be the best feature of this keyboard.

Customization Focused   

The AULA keyboard is a backlit keyboard, which is something that people do look for. The stylish keyboard is customizable with 3 different colors to give you the unique look that you may be looking for. Even better, it comes with brightness options so you can decide just how bright the backlit keys are. The lights go around the keys, allowing you to see better at nighttime. 

Mechanical Keyboard 

A final feature that cannot be ignored is that it is a mechanical keyboard. Often times in this price range, most of the keyboards are membrane style keyboards. These are less than ideal because some people feel as though those are too mushy when they try to use them. However, this option is a mechanical keyboard which gives it a better feeling when you use it.

If you want a good mechanical gaming keyboard that you can more easily afford, the AULA keyboard is the best option for you. It is a full size keyboard that was made with gamers in mind. You are going to be more comfortable for longer when using this keyboard, allowing you to raid all night long if that is something that you like to do. 

Keyboard buyers guide

As a gamer, you know just how important your equipment can be to your quality of play. This is exactly why people spend so much time researching the best peripherals for their gaming purposes. The fact is that specific pieces of equipment can have an impact on how much success you have while gaming. There are specific things that you should be looking for in a keyboard that will give you the competitive edge. 

What Type of Gaming Do you Do?

First of all, you need to take a look at the type of gaming that you actually do. Some people prefer eSports style gaming while others love playing MMOs. Then there are people who just love to have single player adventures. For instance if you play MMOs, you will want extra buttons so that you can raid or PvP better. You should also consider how much time that you spend gaming because this will be something that will let you know whether or not you even need a gaming keyboard. If you just play some basic games here and there like the “Game of Thrones” Telltale Game, you will not really get too much of an enhanced gaming experience by using a gaming keyboard. Now if you raid regularly playing “World of Warcraft”, then a gaming keyboard could be exactly what you need.

Gaming Keyboard Budget 

You should also consider how much you are willing to spend on the keyboard. There are some options in a variety of price ranges. You can find some options under $100, but you will find a majority of the options are going to be between $100 and $150. Some brands are better than others but a big brand name does not automatically mean the best keyboard on the market.

Mechanical or Membrane Keyboard 

Another thing to consider is whether you want a mechanical or a membrane style keyboard. Models that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum are membrane style keyboards. This is because a membrane style headset has mushy membrane with electrical currents that go through it, which costs a bit less. When you pay a bit more for the keyboard, you will be getting a mechanical keyboard. With a mechanical keyboard, you are going to get a more natural feeling like you would get from a typewriter. The mechanical keyboards are preferable for this reason but this is also why they are more expensive. 

There are other things to consider, such as backlighting, when you are choosing a keyboard for your gaming needs. You should really take a close look at what you are willing to spend and what type of games that you play so that you can make sure you are getting the best one for you. This is probably one of the easier decisions that you have to make when you are creating your computer gaming setup but it is definitely one that will have a huge impact in your gaming experience.