Top 3 Best Gaming Laptops Under $700


Bestselling Gaming Laptop Under $700  

These days Acer has become a difficult brand to beat, with a consistent stream of quality laptops entering the market. The Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-76YK is no different. This is one of the best gaming laptops under $700 The 2016 bestseller has quickly been hailed as one of the best value gaming laptops out there. Providing affordable access to an excellent HD display, the latest Core i7 processor, and a dedicated NVIDIA 940MX graphics card. The specs and low price make this the best gaming laptop under 700 dollars.

With Amazon revealing well over 1000 positive reviews there's no doubt it is proving itself to be one of the biggest players on the market.  We'll take a closer a look at how well this impressive piece of gaming kit lives up to the hype. Really, the reviewers end up crowning this as the best gaming laptop under $700


Is it possible to get a gaming laptop on a budget? Only one way to find out. With dedicated graphics, a Core i5 and a 1080p screen the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-574G-52QU might not have the easiest to remember name but it can actually handle some decent gameplay in games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Rocket League and more.

While plastic, and lacking in the fancier finishing touches that come with more high-end options, it definitely still looks pretty sleek. The design of this laptop is as you would expect for a budget piece of equipment.  

The dimensions are pretty typical of a 15-inch gaming laptop, although the added features included, such as the NVIDIA 940MX graphics card, result in a slightly increased (1.2 inch) thickness compared with some of the other budget options around. 

Features and performance

The basic design of the laptop hides an impressive list of features that more than makes up for its average appearance. 

The quality hardware along with the NVIDIA 940MX graphics card support most games (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Civilization Beyond Earth to name a few) at medium settings. And the glare-proof screen provides a welcome enhancement to bright and colourful games.  

The comfortable, chiclet keyboard sports a numeric keypad and comes with a decently sized trackpad. However, it is not backlit, making it less than ideal for dark environments. And the tinny sound system means you may want to pair the laptop with speakers or headphones for gaming.

Despite the low price tag, the Acer Aspire still manages to offer a Core i7-6500U processor. Which is right up there as one of the most powerful processors available. Making it ideal for handling the hefty demands of gaming. 

8GB of RAM is adequate for the hardware of the laptop and shouldn't need upgrading, although it is easy to do so. Additionally, the low TDP prolongs the battery life, meaning you don't have to worry about parking yourself next to a power outlet. 

The webcams not that great, so check out the best webcam for streaming. 


The power afforded by the hardware makes this laptop ideal for gamers. As well as placing it firmly alongside the high-end multimedia laptops on the market. This is quite the accomplishment for such a reasonably priced piece of equipment. 

The elements that make up the hardware have been well thought out, and the entire system is built with optimal utilisation in mind. Making it a great value purchase. 

One small negative is that extra half an inch or so thickness not carried in other laptops on the market. Meaning that it may be marginally less transportable than its peers. However, when comparing the product as a whole to the competition this is hardly a deal breaker. The afforadbilty and specs are one reason we think this Acer e15 gaming laptop is a one of the best gaming laptops under 700 dollars. 

Dell Inspiron 7559 Review

Gaming has many forms, mostly because it has many mediums. Many people are console gamers. But for many of us enlightened folk, we know that computers are the best option. They look better, run faster, and are often free of the dividing lines between Microsoft and Sony. Of course, even among laptops there are superior and inferior products. Some are just better for gaming than others, such as the Dell Inspiron 7559. While many ignore the potential of a Dell when it comes to games, there are many reasons why the Inspiron 7559 can fulfill all of your gaming needs.

Efficient Cooling Systems

My review of the 15" Dell Inspiron 7559. An $800 gaming laptop. A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive video editing and gaming performance tests. Review unit: i5/8G/1TB/960M Is this the cheapest 15" gaming laptop of even 2016?!

As we all know, laptops are always in danger of overheating, especially when they have powerful processors. And of course, powerful processors are a major part of a good gaming laptop, so every quality gaming laptop requires an innovative and efficient cooling system. Thankfully the Inspiron 7559 has such a cooling system, with two cooling fans, three exhausts and large vents with 240 thermal fins. Combined, all of this ensures that you can game for hours without interruption, and your laptop and palm rest will stay cool and comfortable.

Fully Equipped for Convenience for Gamers

Every gaming laptop needs to have the amenities that make it nice to play beyond its primary functions, and the Dell Inspiron 7559 has just that. With an anti-glare wide angle screen, a backlit keyboard so you can play even in darker areas, a precision touchpad for accurate and responsive input, and Waves MaxxAudio Pro software, this laptop has everything it could possibly need to provide its users with, from top quality sound to excellent display. There’s nothing the Dell Inspiron 7559 doesn’t bring to the table.

High Portability with Great Build Quality  

If you want to take your gaming laptop on the road or just across the hall, having a portable laptop is of the utmost importance. You need to have something that is both lightweight and conveniently sized in order to carry it around, and the Dell Inspiron 7559 has both. With a fifteen inch screen, this laptop is small enough to carry around in your arms or in a bag. You can also choose a laptop color that best fits your tastes, and it has a marathon battery life. Its six cell seventy-four Whr battery ensures ten hours or more of gaming entertainment. Furthermore, it’s one inch thick design provides the greatest amount of convenient portability around.

In conclusion, the Dell Inspiron 7559 is a gaming laptop as equal to any of the mainstream ones you would expect from a more recognizes brand. The Inspiron 7559 is powerful, fast, and efficient, capable of running your favorite top of the line games for hours on end without overheating and without becoming uncomfortable. If you want a gaming laptop you can trust no matter what the situation, the Inspiron 7559 is the perfect gaming laptop for you. Portable, efficient, and powerful, this laptop can perform above and beyond your expectations, guaranteed. 

HP ProBook 450 G3 Gaming Laptop Review

Slick Build Quality with Great Specs

HP is a big name brand in the laptop world. And the ProBook 450 G3 gaming laptop is a fine example of why they have gained such a strong customer base. With its rugged design, built to survive all of the inevitable drops and spills that come its way. It offers the latest Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and excellent Radeon R7 graphics. For a surprisingly affordable price. 

This laptop has been praised with overwhelmingly positive user reviews, but how does it stand up against the other cost-conscious gaming laptops on the market?

Great Design for Gamers

The ProBook 450 G3  is sized in-line with most 15 inch laptops. And has an attractive design for the price, sporting an easy to handle rubber outer layer. The black and silver casing may leave this piece of equipment easily mistaken for a more expensive and high-end product. 

Additionally, the design is made to be highly robust. And can withstand 9 of the US military's 10 survival tests. Meaning that no matter how rough you are, it's unlikely that you'll be able to cause irreparable damage accidentally, during day to day use.

Features and performance

The screen comes with 1080 display which is a step up from what you will find on most gaming laptops without a high price point. While the accompanying Radeon R7 graphics has the capability to offer smooth gameplay in medium resolutions settings on most games. 

The screen is adjustable and bright enough to provide clear and comfortable viewing options.  And the water resistant keyboard is backlit. Which, is a great new addition allowing for optimal gaming, even in a dark environment. While the trackpad is both, of good quality for a notebook, and comes with a disable option. Finally, the sound system is powerful enough that it will be sufficient for gameplay without the need to crank it up to maximum volume. 

The Intel Core i7-6500U processor is one of the latest and most impressive processors on the market, which gives the HP ProBook 450 G3 the power to perform excellently as a gaming laptop. And with the 4 cell battery, you can enjoy this gaming for a healthy chunk of time (around 2 hours). Alternatively, upgrading to a 6 cell battery will bump this number up even further.

To boot, the fan on the HP ProBook 450 is well able to keep your laptop cool during long gaming sessions. 

Despite it coming with strong specs, you're just 2 screws away from access to the hard drive, wifi card, and 2 memory slots. So, should you need them, upgrades are well within your reach.


Design-wise, the sturdiness of this laptop coupled with the elegant aesthetic makes the HP ProBook 450 an impressively hard-wearing product that stands out far above its rivals within the same price range.

The powerful processor and long battery life coupled with the myriad of useful features available make this a brilliant all-rounder, while the addition of the Radeon R7 graphics card means it wins out as a great, budget friendly gaming laptop. This laptops powerful processing power makes it a compelling buy.

What to look for

As we all know, PC is one of the best ways to game these days. Their graphics are better, they run faster, and unlike consoles, you can usually play almost every game that comes out without having to worry about allegiances. But even so, some gaming laptops are better than others, and here’s how you can find out just which one is the best for you

Consider Processor Needs for Gaming

There are some things you obviously need to remember when it comes to choosing a laptop, chief among them being the amount of processing power you are going to need. If you just want to play low-end manageable games like World of Warcraft or something, there’s no need to buy an extremely expensive gaming laptop, as your usual setup can handle that just fine.  A gaming laptop should only be needed for more demanding games, like first person shooters.

Consider Screen and Design Needed for Gaming

The other things to consider are obviously specs and personal comforts. Generally speaking larger screens are more powerful than smaller ones (more room to work with), yet less portable. It comes down to your personal needs and preferences when you need to choose between portability and power. On the other hand you’ll likely need to the maximum resolution of your screen, and you should definitely avoid the lower ones. You may also want to get Solid State Storage, which will make for faster game installation and load times. 

Consider Future Gaming Needs

On a more specific note, if you are looking to enjoy virtual reality games that use Oculus Rift or other VR systems, you’ll need more powerful components. At the minimum, you’ll at least need an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor and a Nvidia 10 series GPU. 

The other things you need to consider are mostly matters of personal preference. For instance, if you need a more portable gaming laptop, you’ll want one that has a screen only from thirteen to fifteen inches. Generally speaking bigger is more powerful (resolution wise), but also heavier and more cumbersome as well.

Graphics Card

Graphics is a matter of personal preference as well, but let’s be honest: we all want our games to look great, so the better your graphics the happier you will probably be. That said, the average gamer will probably be alright with only two gigabytes of VRAM. But if you want to go really hardcore, you can purchase a laptop with greater Nvidia GPUs, or even a laptop that has two.

When it comes to display screens, 4K is probably the best choice if you want your game to look as amazing as possible. Some gamers claim that lower resolution is better because it can increase the framerate, but if you get a quality laptop you can have excellent graphics at a top rate framerate easily. In short, you can decide what kind of laptop you want pretty easily: you just have to know what level of power and quality you want and what kind of games you want to play. Just divide the different laptops into levels and the process is easy enough.