Best OBS Settings for Slow Internet Twitch Streaming 720p

In this guide I will show the best obs settings for a slow internet speed. The first thing you'll need to do is get a speed test. Once a speed test is done make sure to note your upload speed. For a slow internet speed we will be at least aiming for a decent 720p Twitch stream. Before you begin make sure your minimum speed it 1.80 mbps. These obs settings for slow internet will also work on slower internet speeds, but it will not be at 720p. You need a program called Open Broadcaster Software.


The first thing to do to get the best obs settings for slow internet is to find the correct bitrate for your internet connection, My internet speed used to be 1.81mbps and with that speed I was able to get a bitrate of 1800kbps. All you have to do is multiple your internet speed by 1000. Below is a chart for the resolution on certain upload speeds.

  • Upload Speed Needed for 1080p: 3mbps-3.5mpbs

  • Upload Speed Needed for 720p: 1.8mbps-2.5mbps

  • Upload Speed Nedded for 480p: 0.90mbps-1.20mbps

For more details about upload speeds go to (

Best obs settings for slow internet speed twitch streaming encoding

Video Settings

A big part of getting the best obs settings is your video resolution settings. You've already set the encoding setting, so just select the resolution you'd like to stream at, Remember that up-scaling or down scaling makes your twitch stream look bad. That means your can't stream 720p to 1080p and 1080p to 720p. If you're streaming at 720p you also need to play your game at 720p. If you have a internet speed slower than 720p, you can stream at the lower resolution and play your game at 720p. Just set your filter to bilinear. 

best obs settings

Advanced OBS Settings

The advanced tab in your OBS settings has to do with your CPU. Having a powerful CPU is the most important part and having the correct OBS settings for your CPU are extremely important. All CPUs are different but these guidelines will help. If you don't feel comfortable adjusting your cpu setting just keep your x264 CPU Preset at veryfast. I personally recommend keeping the preset at faster. Follow the setting below, and you should be getting the best obs settings available. 

best obs settings 2

In this video I show you the best settings for OBS with low/slow internet or upload speed. These settings are for 720p streaming with 1mb upload speed. 

Best OBS Settings for Slow Internet Twitch Streaming (720p with 1mb Upload)