Top 5 Best Power Banks for Laptops

Best Power Bank for Laptop Buying Guide

The improvement in tech in the past decade has been rapid, many new electronic gadgets carry a lot of functions, which require a lot of power to run. There is only so much the battery can do, hence the need for power banks arises. We researched the best power banks for laptops, because of their crucial need. However, many of the portable batteries that are sold in the market are poor copies of originals, or just do not have the capacity they state. That poses a problem to anyone deciding on which charger to buy and for what price. To make it easier, here are some tips on how to buy yourself the best power bank for your laptop.

How much power do you need?

Before you can decide which battery to purchase, you must decide on how much power you’ll need based on the different types of electronic devices you own. Identify the amount of mAh capacity each of your devices has and afterwards purchase accordingly. For example, I have an HP notebook with a capacity of 12,000 mAh and a cell phone of 1400 mAh. I will add the total number and just in case, purchase a capacity a bit higher than that which means a external battery of 20,000 mAh. It all depends on how many devices you own and how many times you want them to be recharged. The best power bank for a laptop will need to fit your individual needs. 

How many ports do you need?

Some people prefer multiple ports because they can’t stand and wait to charge one device at a time. If you feel you are that type of person, it would be a good option to purchase a multi-port device, especially for laptops. You might also find the quick charge port now available in good brands like Ravpower which makes it easier for you to charge your device quickly. The best power bank for your laptop will need to have the right ports. 

Amperage matters too

The thing with amperage and why it is important is that it holds the key to how effectively your device will be charged. Meaning, if the amperage is low and you are charging a device that is demanding while using it, you will end up using all of your capacity and still not be able to charge your device to full. Hence picking the right amperage port is necessary for the power bank to be effective.

Choose on what type you need

There are several types of portable chargers available in the market; they include batteries for your laptops to chargers especially designed for your cell phones, internet devices, drones etc. In addition, some even have led lights that come in handy as you keep a check on how much power you are still left with, and some even contain flashlights, therefore if you plan on camping, these devices will save you space. Some of the best power banks for laptops have extra features that make it more useful. 

Make sure that when you purchase a portable charger, it has a valid warranty. It is good to be prepared for anything and because a lot of the chargers and other devices commonly found are copies, it is a good to have a sense of security that your battery will not disappoint if you are ever in a tricky situation. 

Omnicharge Portable Charger 

The Omnicharge Omni 13 is an advanced device that plays a crucial role in helping you manage power in the most efficient manner. In addition, this device is also best suited for on the go professionals, freelancers or photographers. In fact, this power bank for laptops meets the air travel guidelines set by the FAA.

This external battery is certainly an innovative technology that is smart and versatile. Additionally, this product has received immense support from more than 20,000 users and this is all because of its incredible features. 

Among the features that make this device great include:

Patented power protection system

This device guarantees you safety as it comes with 11-layers of power protection. More to that, this power bank for laptops also has features that allow it to regulate temperature, voltage, power overflow/underflow, and it also has algorithms that allow for self-balancing and resetting the program. 

Fast Charging

The Omnicharge can be charged universally using solar panels, AC/DC adaptors, USB, laptop adaptors or even the power port in your car. Furthermore, you can also enjoy charging your laptop while the charger is charging.

Smart device

In a bid to enhance safety, this device will detect the type of device you want to charge and automatically deliver the necessary charge. Moreover, this device will also display the charging status of your device, AC/DC output, time remaining on power output, temperature, battery level and the rate of power input and output. 

Charges numerous devices

The Omnicharge  is certainly a device that will give you value for your money, since you can use it to charge multiple devices. Amazingly, this will effectively charge any of your devices as it can detect the appropriate charge required for your device. For instance, the Omnicharge can charge brand smartphones like iPhone and Samsung up to 9 times while charging iPad's up to 8 times and DSLR cameras can be charged up to 6 times. More to that, this device will deliver a 100% charge to a Macbook Air, 70% to a Macbook Pro 13" and a 60% charge to a Macbook Pro 15".

With its features and services, there is no doubt that the Omnicharge  is currently the most fascinating and useful among all power-bank devices. You can now avoid the inconveniences brought by low battery and get to complete tasks whenever you want to. That said, if you are looking for a great and innovative power management experience, be sure to acquire the Omnicharge power bank for laptops. 

RAVPower 20100mAh AC Charger

It’s been a busy day, you’ve been using your portable electronic devices and laptop nonstop, because the day brought with it so much work that you’re left sighing in the coffee shop. Suddenly, you get a call from your clients/boss and they want you to submit a document that you have missed. You open your laptop and what’s this? It’s at 2 percent and although you tried so hard to quickly send the file, the laptop ends up shutting down. You try calling your boss but the cell phone is off as well. You’re devastated and wish, if only you had more battery that could help you throughout your busy day to day endeavors. That’s where RAVPower 20100mAh AC Power bank comes in. This powerful energy beast has the capacity to withstand most of your recharging needs anywhere you take it.

Why buy RAVPower?

Not only is it well-priced, so that it is easily affordable for those not wishing to spend much, it contains three different ports for three different ways to charge your device. The first and second being Type-C 5V/3A & USB 5V/2.4A allowing for a fast, simultaneous charging of two different devices including your Macbook and iPhone. The third port allows for devices with a demand of up to 50W. Adding to that the power outlet allows for 110V devices like drones, go pros, vacuum cleaners, small fans and table fans to charge anywhere you wish them whether it is during working hours or a long vacation in the Philippines. 

What do you get inside the box?

No matter what you do, unboxing a gadget is always the best part. When you first open the box, you find the portable charger, expected warranty and manual information, a protective case for the unit and a short Micro-USB cable that is used for charging it. The company recommends using its original USB cable to charge the device to avoid any uncertain problems, therefore be careful not to lose it anytime soon.

What are you really getting?

The immense power of the 20100 mAH is enough to charge any cell phone for up to 5 times. We decided to check how much further we can push this device and the result was that it charged our Macbook 1.4 times. But that’s not all, you save up to 60 percent in recharging time compared to any standard power bank which takes up to 10 hours to charge. The RAVPower's 19V/1.6A DC input allows it to be fully charged in about 4 hours which is impressive considering how much time you save. The cool design is just an added bonus with 5 led lights that keep a check on the remaining power you have. Last but not the least, a lot of us have problems with plugging in our devices and using our phones because the battery gets drained faster than it can charge. Well, here’s an end to that because the RAVPower has been tested to have plugged-in two phones and still keep on charging faster than battery drainage. Therefore, investing in the device does not only mean saving $160 (price $139.99) but also a one-way trip to making sure you never have battery problems again.

NexGadget 24000mAh Multi-Function Charger

How long does your laptop last before its battery needs recharging? Averagely, most batteries last between 3 and 4 hours. The superb batteries can go as long as 8 hours before you plug the laptop into a source of power for a bit of recharging. If the battery keeps failing you at the worst of times, you should consider buying a power bank for laptop. One of the best you can find today is NexGadget 24000 mAh Multi-Function. 

Charges More Devices Simultaneously

The NexGadget has three USB ports and a single AC outlet thus giving users the chance to charge or recharge up to four separate devices simultaneously. Its compatibility with a large variety of laptops makes it ideal for the home or office. It is easy to use and charges laptops, tablets, smartphones and other similar types of devices comfortably. 

Guaranteed Efficiency

NexGadget 24000 mAh Multi-Function is highly efficient. You only have to connect the charging cable to the already-charged power bank. Then turn it on so that it begins charging your laptop and three other devices. Its LCD feature allows you to see how much power the device has at any given moment. It only needs a maximum of 3 hours to charge everything you have connected to the AC outlet or USB ports completely. 

Safe to Use Anytime, Anywhere

Safety is a huge component of the NexGadget. It’s safe to use. It has been tried, tested, proven, and certified for charging laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is ROHS, CE & FCC Certified. With a highly heat-resistant ABS, you can trust this external battery to charge your devices without over-heating. The built-in PVC Copper wire is of the highest quality too. Other features you can expect from this device include:

a)    electronic overboard protection
b)    Low-battery voltage shutdown
c)    standby time-off
d)    charging time and temperature protection
e)    premium circuitry fitted with short circuits and over-charging, overheated protection

Compatibility and Portability

Lastly, this charger is compatible and portable thanks in large part to its super slim size. It measures 7.3 x 5.1 x 1.2 inches. Weighing 624g only, it’s also lightweight. The size and weight makes NexGadget 24000mAh Multi-Function ideal for traveling or family use. It can charge your laptops anytime and anywhere. The device is highly recommended and guarantees you good value for money. Visit Amazon to buy yours today.

ChargeTech 27,000 mAh Charger 

Design and Packing

The ChargeTech power bank for laptops comes with a power cord and charger cable similar to that of a laptop charger cable, the gadget itself, an owners manual, a carry case to keep it clean and quite handily it comes with a universal plug, in case the user lives in a different country. 

This ChargeTech is quite weighty at 2.4 lbs and js 7.5 x 5.2 inches. Please note the size of the device is due to its power capabilities. On the charger itself, it has USB Ports and it also has a 3 pronged outlet enabling the user to plug their laptop charger directly into the ChargeTech. 

Power capabilities

As stated on the packet it has 27,000 mAh power capability, and it is very possible as a user you will be getting very close to what it says in the packet, this is possible because of the Panasonic batteries that it runs off. The device is set up so that if you are planning to use any of the USB ports on it then the power that is sent everywhere else again pretty much stays around 27,000 mAh you only see a drop when the USB ports are used with the AC outlet. To put it into perspective you should be able to charge a normal smart phone more than 5 times to full charge with this power capacity. While the device is charging, it prevents the use of the AC Outlet, by stopping any power going to it. 

You need to take into consideration the wattage your laptop requires for it to charge and work properly and compare that to the wattage that this device outputs. The ChargeTech 27,000 mAh gives out a maximum of 85W. In the charger bank for your laptop it should tell you the specification for how many watts your laptop pulls. It is unlikely but if it is pulling 85W then it is probably good to recommend not to use it and you will be using the power bank at maximum all the time. It is also possible to charge you laptop plus your phone at the same time as the ChargeTech charges the phone with the leftover power it has after sending power to the laptop. 

Charging your ChargeTech  

The ChargeTech MUST be charged via the power chord that it comes with in the package. It does not charge via any other method. This is to make sure that the Amp current that is flowing into the power bank remains constant resulted in the device going from completely dead to fully charged in about 2.5 hours. Considering the mAh power capability of the charger, 2.5 hours is extremely quick. 

RAVPower 27000mAh Power Bank 

One of the most important things, when you go out with any type of device, is to acquire additional power. That’s where the need for a power bank for laptop comes into play. A good unit can keep your laptop running for at least a few minutes. RAVPower 27,000 mAh is a new and designed to keep your unit running for at least a few hours, if not a lot more. 


Right off the bat, you will be impressed by the fact that this product comes with its case. This makes it very easy to travel around with it, even if the unit on its own is rather bulky. The product has a wall outlet plug, although you still have 2 USB ports and a single USB-C port.


The unit integrates an AC power supply indicator. You can easily see when the unit is on or off, and that can come in handy if you are almost out of power. Moreover, the AC output is generous. You can easily power up your home appliances for a brief moment, tablets, smartphones, and other USB powered devices. The addition of a Type C output is quite impressive, and it does show that the unit is future proof.

Since this is a power bank for laptop, it can easily help you charge your laptop incredibly fast. It was designed to turn the AC power very quickly. The idea is to press the button for a few seconds, and it starts. The manufacturer said that it’s a good idea to use the original AC adapter and the charging cable when you charge your laptop. This helps prevent any potential problems, so try to keep that in mind here. 

The 19V/1.6 A DC input is one of the fastest out there. And, as we mentioned above, the LED indicators make it incredibly easy for you to stay informed about the charge levels.


Unlike any other good power bank for laptop, this one does come with some nifty features. The built-in vents are a nice addition, which means that whenever your unit overheats, it will cool down automatically. Plus, you can save precious battery life here simply by turning the product off.

As long as you have a device that’s under 100W, you will be able to charge this with the RAVPower in no time. This shows the versatility offered by the RAVPower and how incredible this product is. 


If you work a lot on the road and you need to supplement your laptop’s battery, the RAVPower 27000 mAh is a good option. This is a very powerful power bank for laptop that will help you work on your projects without any worries. It’s fast, efficient and designed to be durable as well. Definitely worth your time and money, so just check this out, and you will not be disappointed!