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CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra Prebuilt Gaming PC Review

Reputable Manufacturer 

CyberPower has created a PC that is the ultimate gift for any avid gamer. If you’re looking to branch out into the world of PC games, or if you’re simply looking for a replacement for an old computer, this computer could be the answer to your problems. At just over $500 USD, you’ll have a difficult time finding a computer that beats CyberPower’s price and quality. This is the most affordable and best prebuilt gaming pc we have found.

After several dozen customer reviews on Amazon, this gaming system has maintained over four out of five stars. The computer uses windows 10 to operate, which is the most recent update. 

One of the major benefits to using this system is the drive speed. If you’re a person who enjoys playing video games and downloading files, this is the optimal computer to suit your needs. For such an amazing price, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with everything this computer can do. The computer runs an AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz Quad-core system, along with one terabyte HDD and an AMD 760 chipset. 

Comes with Warranty 

With a year-long warranty, you can have the most utmost confidence in the quality of CyberPower’s PC Gamer Ultra. While you do have the option of upgrading parts, it is not necessary because it runs smoothly and efficiently with all of the originals specs. From the graphics card to the motherboard, everything has been carefully chosen by CyberPower in order to create a gaming computer that is ideal for anyone. Cyberpower is one the best prebuilt gaming pc companies around. 

If, for example, you’re looking to buy a younger sibling or other relative a valuable present then this is the one you’re looking for. It is the ideal computer for anyone, from an occasional gamer to the addicted. 

Open Build Design Allows Great Cooling

The system is built with a very open concept, which means you won’t have to worry about it overheating. After all, an overheating computer can often cause issues with the entire computer. As you won’t have to deal with this issue, you’ll be pleased to see that the entire computer runs much more smoothly than others on the market. 

The most discouraging aspect of gaming is when the game you’re playing lags. Luckily, CyberPower’s computer has a strong enough system and graphics card that your game will not lag. This provides the best possible experience for you and for your days spent gaming. 

Buying a new computer is often very expensive; in fact, the price can often range about the thousand dollar mark. CyberPower’s computer defies this with a $500 USD computer system that beats the majority of PC’s on the market. Whether this is a gift to treat yourself or someone close to you, you can never go wrong with this computer.

SkyTech Shadow Prebuilt Gaming PC Review

When it comes time to buy a computer or to replace an old one, it can be difficult to decide on which gaming system to buy. There’s always the option of building your own PC; however this takes time and often becomes much more expensive than simply buying a prebuilt system. SkyTech has built a computer that is not only inexpensive, but is of complete quality. With over two hundred reviews on Amazon, SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer has been rated with almost five full stars from satisfied customers.

Great Specs for the Price

Firstly, the system which this computer runs is impeccable and is only part of what makes the PC great. It is run with AMD FX-4300 3.80 GHZ Quad-core, along with a 1 terabyte 7200RPM Hard Drive. These specs, along with a genuine 64-bit Windows 10 system, makes SkyTech’s computer an absolute must-have for any gamer. 

If you buy this PC, you’ll also have a year-long warranty which provides comfort in knowing you have a quality computer. If, during that first year, you run into any hardware issues then you can simply contact the seller for information about the warranty.

Affordable and Capable 

Overall, you’ll have a hard time finding a cheap computer of quality. SkyTech’s combination of CPU, Video Card, and RAM makes this one of the most valuable systems on the market. For those who enjoy playing League of Legends (LoL), you’ll be pleased to know that your game will not lag with this PC. 

Because this system is prebuilt, you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of building your own computer. This makes your job a whole lot easier; you simply have to pay for it, receive your package, and set it up to suit your own needs.

Because it’s built with an open concept, you don’t have to be concerned with the PC overheating. This can be detrimental for your overall gaming experience and can negatively affect the performance of your computer. Since you don’t have to worry about this issue, you can also be sure that your PC is completely reliable.


With fast shipping and even better customer service, there is no doubt that SkyTech is your next gaming system. No matter what you’re looking to buy it for, the Shadow prebuilt computer is more than equipped to handle your needs. If you’re looking around for computers under $700 USD then you’re not likely to find one with a superior graphics card, RAM, etc. With SkyTech’s Shadow gaming system, you can run nearly any game you want for a lower cost.


When it comes to hardcore gaming, there are many ways to go about enjoying it. Some people prefer consoles as their gaming medium of choice, but those who want more for their gaming experience know that a PC is the way to go. A top tier gaming PC has the capability to play any game at any resolution at top speed, and with the advent of virtual reality games, PC has an even greater place in our world. But even among powerful computers some are better than others, and the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme is one of those computers. It’ll take more than a few words to explain why this prebuilt gaming PC crushes most of the competition, but that’s exactly why this review exists.

General Specifications

Before we get into the nitty gritty stuff that makes up all computers under that exterior shell of theirs, we may as well discuss the basics of the Gamer Xtreme. As the name implies, this PC is fully optimized for the ultimate gaming experience. It’s not just an everyday computer being used to play games, it is a computer that was specifically designed to play games to their fullest potential. Its 6th generation Intel core processor and AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB Video Card ensure that it has enough raw power to play any game, VR or otherwise. It also comes with massive amounts of RAM and plenty of hard drive space, so you can load up your gaming rig with dozens of games and play them as long as you want without pause. Of course, the Gamer Xtreme is also VR ready, so it is already optimized for virtual reality games as well.

Oculus Tested and Certified

Speaking of virtual reality, the Gamer Xtreme prebuilt gaming PC has been completely tested and certified by Oculus. This means that every single one of these computers has been configured to work flawlessly with the Oculus Rift. The software is fully programmed, the hardware reacts accordingly to input, and VR updates are always working when they are supposed to. This is all done to ensure that the Gamer Xtreme is ready for virtual reality gaming from the very beginning. No complicated setups for you. With the Gamer Xtreme PC you can start paying VR games the moment you setup the PC: and as soon as you get an Oculus Rift of course.

AMD Radeon VR Ready Premium

What good would virtual reality be if it didn’t look absolutely amazing? With AMD Radeon powering the graphics of your virtual reality worlds, you can get the fullest level of immersion alongside the most beautiful graphics available. AMD’s Radeon VR Ready Premium has set the bar for virtual reality immersion and innovation for all developers and providers, ensuring that you get the most realistic and stunning virtual reality experience you’ll find anywhere.

6th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor

Multi core technology is always better for video games. More cores means more processing power, and the 6th gen Intel Core i5 Processor is both faster and more intelligent than every iteration before it. This model processor applies power where it is needed most, delivering a powerful and even palpable breakthrough in computer performance. Application multi-tasking is both faster and more efficient, not to mention less susceptible to issues, and if you feel the need to take some media creation upon yourself, this processor will ensure that all applications of that nature will run more smoothly than ever before. Whether it’s a video game or something else entirely, with a processor this strong you can rest assured that you will experience top tier performance in everything you do, regardless of what that something is.

DirectX 12 Gaming Optimized

DirectX has long been the main provider of high end graphics for games of all sorts, and now is no different. With their newest level of graphical provision in DirectX 12, you can receive the most stunning game visuals available anywhere. DirectX 12 works in conjunction with the Gamer Xtreme’s processor to provide you with the highest level of graphical quality technology can provide. Of course, the Gamer Xtreme is already outfitted and optimized for DirectX 12, meaning you can use it straight away to get more high speed processing in real time and a higher FPS than ever before.

Professionally Recommended

The Gamer Xtreme and CYBERPOWER in general are recommended by the professional gaming teams, gamers, and leagues in almost every esport. Someone in every major competitive esports title has recommended it, and it’s even the official platform of elite teams like NRG and Team Solomid, not to mention pro streamers like Summit1G and Trick2G. If you needed a good word put in by someone you could trust, you have it right here.

Lifetime Technical Support

All CyberPowerPC systems come with free lifetime technical support. CyberPowerPC provides one of the best technical support services in the industry with only field experts providing assistance. They’ve been providing lifetime technical support for all of their customers since 1997, establishing a customer relationship that lets you know that they are trustworthy when it comes to providing assistance on any technical grounds. 

In the end, the reason you should invest in a CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme prebuilt gaming computer is as simple as it gets. The fact remains that this computer simply has everything. No matter what you are looking for in a gaming computer, this PC has it all. Its top of the line internal components guarantee that you will experience top quality gaming in both speed and graphics. Never mind the fact that the gaming computer is already optimized for virtual reality gaming, so you can don your Oculus Rift and experience entire new worlds firsthand as soon as you setup the PC itself. The best part about the Gamer Xtreme may just be how it is all ready to go with the highest quality components right from the start, something you won’t find on many other PCs.


Being the popular form of entertainment they are, video games have many different mediums through which we can experience them. But while some prefer to use console game stations, others know that the best gaming experiences come from computers. If you’re looking to buy the best prebuilt gaming pc, that will provide you with the best experience possible, these are the things you should look for.

Do you Really Need a Desktop for Gaming

The first thing to know for sure is that desktops are indeed the best choice when it comes to gaming computers. Even though notebooks have advanced quite a bit since their inception, they don’t have the size or capability to pack the processors and video cards running a demanding game at 1080p requires. A desktop is your best bet, and a specific gaming rig is even better. That said, there’s still a major difference in power between the least powerful rigs and the most powerful. Either way, finding one that suits your needs is a matter of knowing what is important in a good gaming rig. First figure out if you even need a prebuilt gaming pc. 

Consider Desktop Size

Before getting into hardware, it’s important to understand that size matters. Desktop computers come in a variety of sizes, from the small and unobtrusive to monumentally large. Some of these sizes may fit your gaming space better than others. Small desktops can fit nearly anywhere, and don’t take up a lot of space, though they can often be quite noisy. The medium sized computers are usually a good middle for most people, with a nice balance between size and function. Of course, the full tower options are the largest, and by large we mean so tall they may not even fit under your desk. While these giants are huge, they are also very powerful, not to mention easy to upgrade in the future if the desire arises. Needless to say, the smaller a computer is the harder it is to upgrade.

Internal Specs of Prebuilt Gaming Desktop

Once you know the size of the computer you want, it’s time to focus on the internal aspects, most importantly the processor. The processor is the most important part of the computer because it determines what level of software the computer will be able to adequately perform with. You’ll have a choice between dual and quad core processors. If you can afford it, quad is the better option. While dual core processors are often sufficient, some games use additional cores beyond that, and may even be unplayable without a quad core. That said, quad is about as high as you ever need to go. There are Hexa and octo core processors too, but you will never need that many cores to play a game on a desktop. In the end, your best choice for a processor if you can afford it is Intel.

The Graphics Card is the Most Important for Gaming

Aside from the processor, the other most important aspect of a gaming rig is the GPU. The video card determines the graphical level of the games you play, and you probably want it to look as good as possible. This means low-end cards are your enemy. You absolutely do not want to equip your computer with cards like the Nvidia GT 730 or AMD Radeon R7 240. If you want a balance of price and performance, mid-level cards Nvidia GTX 960 can play almost any game in 1080p with full detail. If you want to play your games in even higher resolutions that that, such as 4K, you’ll need to get an even more powerful card.

Graphics Card Memory is Another Important Aspect of a Gaming Desktop

While shopping for a video card you may come across some that have similar specifications but different amounts of memory. While memory has very little effect on the performance of the game itself, it does determine how much the card can process before it chokes on all that data. That said, if you will be running your games at below 1080p, one gigabyte memory will do just fine. Above 1080p should use a two gigabyte memory at least, and if you’re doing something crazy like 4K, you’ll want at least three and even four if you can afford it. As for brands, Nvidia and AMD are pretty even at most price points when it comes to GPU.

RAM is Also Very Important for a Gaming Desktop

Now we get to talk about RAM. Many computers these days are sold with thirty two gigabytes of RAM. This sure sounds great, but in reality it’s pretty useless. There isn’t a single game out there that won’t run perfectly on sixteen gigabytes of RAM or less. The reason huge RAM numbers get lauded by sellers so much is because it makes a system sound powerful even though it serves very little purpose. Don’t waste money on thirty-two gigs of RAM when sixteen will do the job just fine. That’s money you can use for other components instead.

Hard-drive Space

Now when it comes to memory space, the majority of computers these days come equipped with five hundred gigabytes by default, though you can often get up to seven fifty or a thousand. However, buying more space is expensive, and memory you never use is money wasted. That said, you should never buy more space than you need. If you know how much your games are going to take, stick with that.

Now, knowing whether or not you should get a solid state drive is another matter entirely. SSDs are much more expensive than regular mechanical drives, but they do make all games load many times faster. It comes down to personal preference for this choice.

In the end, these are the absolute most important parts of a quality gaming rig. Everything else is just accessories, upgrades, and conveniences. But at the core, the processor, GPU, RAM, and hard drive or SSD ae the most important parts of the computer if you want high quality gaming. With just these components, you can have a massively powerful computer or just a sufficient one for the games you want, simply based on the level of equipment you buy. Buying a gaming computer is expensive, but if you play your cards right you can pay only for the stuff that matters.