How Many Hours Should you Stream on Twitch

There are many suggestions for the perfect number of hours to stream on twitch. We’re going to be examining opinions from regular twitch streamers and try to find the ideal amount of time you should stream. We won’t be looking at very popular streamers, because chances are that you are a smaller twitch streamer that can’t really relate to professional streamers. 

Minimum number of hours to stream on Twitch

Many successful twitch streamers suggest a minimum of 4 hours of streaming. This amount of time may seem large, but there are many factors to consider when finding the ideal length of time to stream on twitch. You should consider why a viewer even watches twitch. The average twitch viewer is watching streams because they have time to burn and are looking for entertainment. Your goal as a streamer is to be there when a viewer is searching for a game, and this can be done by streaming longer or streaming for 4 hours. 

A relatively popular twitch streamer named, has a similar opinion. This opinion can be seen in a reddit post on r/Twitch.

Anything less than three hours isn’t worth it, IMO. You have no real chance to get viewer momentum going, or for new people to find you as a result. ———- My own minimum is 4 hours a day


Twitch streamer, Ferretbomb, brings up a key point. Viewer momentum is another aspect you must consider when finding the ideal length of time to stream. Twitch viewership works like a snowball, slowly building up mass. This effect can be seen in the way twitch ranks streams in the Games tab. The more viewers you have, the higher your rank. Once you gain even a handful of viewers, your twitch ranking goes slightly higher and exposes you to more viewers. Once you gain two handfuls of viewers, your rank in the twitch games tab gets even higher. The growth of twitch viewership is exponential, and it needs time to grow. If you stream for less than 4 hours, then there is simply not enough time for your twitch following to grow. 

This exponential idea can be broken down into this general theory, the longer you stream, the more likely a viewer is going to see and engage with your stream. 

How to Use 4 Hours of Streaming Effectively

Now that we know the optimal number of hours to stream, we should also think about how to use that time efficiently.  

It’s highly suggested by successful twitch streamers to alternate between games, and this opinion does make sense. Your goal is to increase the rate of growth of your twitch viewership, and you can do this by casting a large net over multiple games. One way this can be done is switching games every hour or every 2 hours. In a 4 hour stream, you would go through about 2 to 4 games. Not only does switching games after a couple hours keep you and your stream fresh, but is also causes your channel to dip into multiple different games, slowly increasing your rate of growth. 

Let’s see this idea in action

I recommend you use a site like to find a game that has low competition and high viewership. This mixture will ensure that if you start streaming the game, you will have an audience that is willing to engage with your stream, instead of just sticking with their personal favorite streamer. Remembering that twitch views are exponential, once we grow our views from a low competition game, we can change games and go to a more competitive game. We can go through this process repeatedly, until we reach a large following. The time frame of 4 hours is just enough time for this technique to play out. 

The collective opinion of twitch streamers is that 4 hours is optimal amount of time to stream on twitch. The logic with this opinion is that it allows ample time for your viewers to discover your content and engage with it. An important addition to this is that it’s also vital to have a streaming schedule, so your most engaged viewers know when you will be streaming. I recommend starting from the bottom of the Twitch Games tab and slowly building your audience.  I hope this helped in answering your questions. If you’d like more helpful techniques and guides for Twitch and Youtube, please consider subscribing to our newsletter, so you can be the first to know about new articles.