How to Get More Views on Youtube

This post will teach you how to get more views on youtube

Trying to get more views on youtube can be frustrating and extremely challenging, Working long and hard on a video and then having it flop is disappointing. Today I'm going to share some of the techniques that have helped me create a following on youtube and various other youtube channels. I own and operate 3 youtube channels. My main channel is Mrjubble and my secondary is MrjubbleTV and my third is KtechTips. My channels range from VFX to gaming and ends with technology tips and tricks. I will cover all three of these categories to tell you how I got more views on youtube. 

Getting more views on youtube is about timing

One thing I have found to be very successful in Gaming and Technology is timing your video uploads. For example, if a new game or tech comes out try to be one of the first people to upload a video about it. Make a short review or tutorial on the product, even an unboxing video will suffice. The concept Is simple, but it can do wonders for your view count and even increase subscribers. Another great thing this allows you to do is show your new viewers some of your lower view videos, and that ends up increasing your total channel viewing count. Timing is a massive part of getting more views on youtube. 

A lot of people use youtube when they need help

Another strategy I've found very helpful is making honestly helpful tutorials. If you ever found anything hard or tricky to do make a tutorial about it. You will not be the only one struggling with a game level, software, or a problem with your technology device. For example, in my gaming channel I was trying to get an idea for a Witcher 3 video, while I was playing I encountered a hard and tricky boss. After I defeated a boss in The Witcher 3 I made a tutorial about how to defeat the boss. I managed to get 10,000 views from a simple tutorial guide. The link to my video is below. Tutorials are the best way to get more views on youtube. 

 It's all about that Thumbnail

When I started making videos I would not even bother with a thumbnail. The first or second thing the viewer notices is a title or thumbnail, if for some reason the viewer is not convinced to click on your video from your title, then the thumbnail needs to convince them. Once I started putting thumbnails into my videos, I noticed a large influx of  views on my youtube videos. The thumbnail should look clean and eye catching. Don't go for annoyingly bright colored thumbnails, because they make your video look for lack of a better word cheap. Some examples of thumbnails that worked for me are shown below. One key to getting more views on youtube is to make a clean and eye catching thumbnail. 

Most of the time luck does the most work

In conclusion, you can follow this advice and still have some videos flop. Getting more views on youtube is time consuming, difficult, and self defeating at times. The primary goal on youtube should be getting a higher subscriber count. Once you have a bigger following your videos will get at least a minimal view count. I hope my short guide helped you get a little understanding of the youtube environment, if you'd like more blog posts like this go ahead and subscribe at the right hand side of this page.