How to Get Subscribers on Youtube Fast

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." - Vince Lombardi

How to Get Subscribers on Youtube Fast | Quick Guide

In this quick guide I will show you how to get subscribers on youtube fast. Getting more subscribers on your channel is a goal many youtubers have, and by following some of these guidelines you should get some subscribers in no time.  

  • Use your natural personality 

Sometimes many youtubers use a personality that it not their real self, and they hope that this personality will help them get more subscribers, but this method of encouraging people to subscribe is ineffective. Although a different personality may sometimes be entertaining it is also exhausting to maintain. Being yourself will be easier on you in the long term and it will help you gain subscriber that like you for you, and not a character you have created.  

  • Quality over Quantity 

Many youtubers think that uploading videos daily will help them get more subscribers on youtube, but this strategy usually produces lower quality videos, and low quality videos will not earn subscribers. Every video you upload should have the potential to get more subscribers, and that is the reason why I think you should focus on your quality over quantity. Take time in your video creation and editing, so each video is worth a subscription. Not only will new viewers appreciate this, but your current subscribers will also be encouraged to share your content.  

  • Do proper youtube SEO 

One of the best ways to get more subscribers is to make sure your video shows up in the youtube search. One way to do this is to make sure you have proper youtube seo. Youtube SEO is basically making sure your Title, Description, and Tags are filled with a lot of information. Try to make your description at least 100 words, and have an interesting and informative title. I think basic youtube seo is one of the biggest points on how to get subscribers on youtube fast.

  • Interact with your small youtube community 

One solid way of getting more long lasting subscribers is by interacting with them in the comments. If someone on one of your videos comments make sure to reply to them and create a small interaction, the commenter will see this and be much more likely to subscribe to you, because you have taken the time to acknowledge them. Another way of getting more subscriber is by having a social media account.  

  • Encourage viewers to subscriber 

A reliable way to get more subscribers is by simply asking a viewer to subscribe. At the end of a video ask your viewer to susbcribe to your youtube channel. This reminds your viewer that they can subscribe to your channel, and this simple sargty will help your get a higher subscriber count.

Why subscribers are important 

 In this video we share 6 tips for getting more YouTube subscribers and ultimately more views.

You may be wondering why a blog post on how to get subscribers on youtube fast is even so long, and that's because subscribers are so important. Almost everyone whose been on youtube knows that having subscribers is the most sought after goal on youtube. Subscribers are a bit like followers, friends, or shares on other social media platforms. Subscribers are the lifeblood of your youtube channel, they are your most dedicated fans and viewers. Having a high subscriber count is one of the most important aspect of your youtube channel because they are your first watchers, your longest watchtime viewers, and your videos main ranking force. Let me tell you why you should focus heavily on getting more subscribers for your youtube channel.  

Getting views on your videos is also extremely important on youtube, and you get views on youtube by getting more subscribers, but you get more subscribers by getting more views. This may seem like a bit of acatch 22 and it seems like that because it sorta of is, how in the world do you get views if you don't have subscribers. I made another post about this on my website, but I hope in illustrates why It's so important to have subscribers for your youtube channel. Subscribers are your first views, and if they view your video it will become more popular on youtube, and when it gets more popular you will get more subscribers. 

When your video first gets uploaded on to youtube, the first 24 hours are the most important in determining if your video will be a hit or flop. This is where your subscribers once again come in to save the day, because they are your first viewers that will quickly contribute to sharing, ranking and spreading your video around youtube. Getting more subscribers is important because subscribers give all your videos that extra push they need in the first hours of its publicity, and with that extra push your videos get high ranks. 

Youtube recently introduced a criteria for ranking, and that criteria is watch time. Watch time is exactly what it sounds like and that is how long a viewer watched your video. Subscribers by far watch your videos the longest, and with a long watchtime it tells youtube to rank your video higher, because it has content that the viewer watches for a long time. Like I mentioned above, your subscribers are your most dedicated fans and because of that watch your videos the longest, and because of their long watch time you get a high ranking on youtube. One way on how to get subscribers on youtube fast is to keep these criteria in the back of your mind when making a video. 


I hope I've explained well enough why subscribers are so vitally important to any successful youtube channel. Subscribers help you basically get more subscribers by simply watching your videos. Subscribers are your initial watchers, and because of that give all your videos an extra push in the views department. Subscribers also offer the most important perk and that is ranking your video, because of their high watchtime. Subscribers are the most vital part of your youtube channel, which is why you should focus on getting more subscribers. 

They have to like your personality 


Bruce Lee once said " Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." I think this quote works really well with how you should be on youtube. I see a lot of youtubers try to be funny, or act like someone they're not, and in the end it doesn’t get you dedicated fans. In order to have consistent quality you need to have a consistent personality, and if you're faking your personality than you won't have consistent quality. In order to get more subscribers on youtube you need to treat the viewer like a friend, be honest with the viewer, and always remind them that they can subscribe. 

One of the easiest ways on how to get subscribers on youtube fast is to simply have some sort of personality. I know it sounds obvious, but so many videos on youtube just have information with absolutely no personality. Your channel is not only a emotionless entity, but a place with some personality. The viewer needs to want to remember you, and in order to have them want to remember you is to have a personality. 

You must try your hardest not to fake your personality or emotions, because it may pass a couple times, but eventually you'll fail and everyone will see through you. There is nothing more unattractive than someone who's a fake. The youtube viewer needs to be attracted to you somehow, and one of the easier ways to do this is be honest with them in almost everything you do. Make sure to be you, and try your hardest not to lie to them or fake something. In order to get a subscriber on your youtube channel, you need to be yourself and be honest. 

You have to not be afraid of asking for likes or a subscriber. Some people find this distasteful, but those people don't understand the significance of subscriptions on youtube. After watching your video many viewers simply forget that they have the option to subscribe, and giving them a little reminder significantly increases your subscriber count per video. I've noticed this trend on multiple channels, and if you follow all the other steps in this guide than your count should always go up. 

Having a decent personality or even any personality is crucial to getting more subscribers on youtube. You should try to be the best you when addressing your audience, but also the honest you, because faking your personality will absolutely guarantee failure in obtaining subscribers. Learn to ask the viewer to subscribe or like your video, because otherwise a viewer may simply forget that they can subscribe. Reminding your viewer to subscribe is one way on how to get subscribers on youtube fast.

Quality is way more important than quantity | Video, Audio, Editing 

I think this quote from Aristotle fits my point perfectly "Quality is not an act, it is a habit.Youtube is not what it used to be, you can’t just upload a random video and expect to get views. Youtube now has some standards and if those standards are not met, then you will not get subscribers. You need to get in the habit of uploading quality content, and in order to do this you need to focus on your videoaudio, and your editing quality. If you meet these standards you're one step closer to getting subscribers on youtube. 

The video quality of your youtube video is one of the more important aspects of your video. The new standard on youtube for video Is 1080p, but it gets a little more complicated than that. In order to simplify everything I'll just tell you what video settings I use. I render in .mp4 format because it is the most widely used video format, I also render in 1080p in 26mbps. Below is a video of the render settings I use for youtube. Make sure you download a video editing software, this tutorials is for sony vegas pro 13, but should also work for some other editing programs. 


A lot of channels usually get down the video part of videos, but completely fail in the audio department. Many youtubers use a microphone, so I'll be mainly covering them. Your voice should be clear, and background noise should be non existent. Using a dedicated audio software like audacity would be highly recommended. Before you even make a video invest into a microphone, if you don't make it on youtube you can always sell the Mic. The audio point is pretty straightforward, buy a decent quality mic, pick a quiet room to record your voice. Good audio can make you feel and sound extremely professional, and contributes to viewers liking you more. Have solid video and audio quilting is a tried and true method on how to get subscribers on youtube fast

Editing is something you'll have to get good at because every video you ever make will have some editing. This is a more complicated area to explain, but I'll try my best to explain. Editing is a combination of video and audio. Editing includes video touch ups, like color correcting to make sure your video looks colorful. Another aspect of editing is correcting audio levels to make sure your voice is louder than gameplay or music. Viewers like videos that are well edited, and if a viewer likes your video they are more likely to subscribe. Watch the video below for tips 


The quality of your youtube content is by far the most important part in getting more subscribers. In order to get subscribers you'll have to learn to decently edit your videos, and have high quality audio. Your overall youtube video quality is far far more important than anything else. If you actually put effort into your video and give a professional vibe to your viewer, then you are far more likely to get a subscriber. Dazzile your viewer with great high quality video andit's a sure fire way to get more subscribers on youtube

SEO for youtube videos 

How do you get your video to show up when someone searches something on youtube? Your video gets ranked based on how much the content relates to the search phrase. In order to get your video ranked on youtube, you need to do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is exactly what it sounds like, and that is it optimizes your video, so it appears when someone searches something. If you want your youtube videos to have proper SEO then you need to focus on your description, tags, and do some research. 

Proper youtube seo gets results like this above

Your title and video description are the most crucial parts for proper youtube seo. The only way youtube can understand what your video is about it through your video description and title. No one wants to watch a video named 2354123567867, because it doesn't mean anything. Also, no one appreciates being misled with a false title (It can actually hurt you ranking). Your video title should be about the topic of your video and your video description should go into detail about your topic. The description should be AT LEAST 300 characters. Youtube can only analyze your title and description, so it is vitally important to focus on these aspects of your video. With good youtube SEO your video has a better chance of getting views, and the more views you get the more subscriber you'll earn. 

Tags are basically words that describe your video or the hotpoints of your videos. For example, if I made a review about a ps4, I would put words like ps4,review,sony,playstation. The tags are words that describe your videos. Tags are definitely not as important as your title and description, but it doesn’t hurt to work on them a little.  

Research is also very important for proper youtube seo, because if you don't do proper research you'll just end up wasting time. What do I mean by research? Simply search up the topic you want to make a video about and see if anyone is making videos about it, and if they are see if they have a lot of views, if the views are high than that means people are searching up that topic. If the views are high for the topic of your video, then it's a good idea to make a video about that topic. If your research shows that not a lot of people search for the topic (low views count) then It's not worth your time and you should try a different topic. Research saves you tons of time and also save you from disappointment. Basic youtube seo is a sure way on how to get subscribers on youtube fast

Youtube SEO is basically making sure youtube knows what your video is about. Having a proper title and very descriptive description is vital to the ranking of your video. Doing a little research, and seeing if people even want to watch your video will save you a lot of time. Remember that youtube can only see your title and description, so it should be your main focus. Proper SEO is very important in getting more subscribers on youtube. 

Youtube community and interaction

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and respected. No one likes to be ignored, neglected or insulted. Your youtube channel should be welcoming to new subscribers/viewers. This is another point that seems obvious, but get's ignored all the time. Stay connected with your viewers or subscribers as much as possible. Use social media, and even the comments section of your youtube video to interact with your community. And having a regular upload schedule goes a long way in getting more subscribers. 

Engage with your viewers, this can be done by simply using the comments section. Showing viewers that you actually care even a  little goes a long way in creating a dedicated viewer, and a dedicated viewer becomes a subscriber. When someone comments on your video what they really want is to be heard. Replying to a comment in your comments section shows a viewer that you care what they have to say, and if they see you care then your likelihood of making them a subscriber explodes. Interact with your community in the comments section to show them that you care. 

It's also very important to have some presence outside of youtube, and to interact with your community off youtube. Chances are your viewers are not on youtube 24/7, and in order to interact with your viewers even more, you need to participate in some sort of social media. I recommend having a Twitter because it's widely known and one of the easiest ways to interact with your community (Make sure you plugin your account in every video) 

Many youtubers have periods where they run out of ideas and simply don't upload a video. Having a regular upload schedule is very important because it helps in your video rankings. Not only does this help with ranking, but it also gives your subscriber an idea of how often and at what times you upload. I find that uploading 3 videos a week is ideal for keeping subscribers and getting more subscribers. Going through a long period of time without upload a video can be disastrous to your youtube audience and ranking. Upload in a schedule you can maintain, but remember quality over quantity. Uploading often is also a another way on how to get subscribers on youtube fast.

Once you get your first few subscriber, it's important to keep in touch with them and interact with them. One of the best and easiest ways to interact is to simply reply back to their comments. Another way to interact with your viewer is on social media, like twitter. Keeping a normal upload schedule helps you attract more views and keep your current subscriber. Interacting with your viewers is a very important way to earning more subscribers, which is why it should be another aspect you should focus on. 

Branding yourself on Youtube

youtube branding

When a new viewer watches your video, they should know who you are right away, and that viewer should also know who you are outside of youtube, this is called branding. Branding for a youtube channel is very important because It gives you and your channel some identity. Branding on youtube also attracts viewers, and lets them know which content is yours. Your youtube brand should be consistent with the content you provide. If a viewer knows your brand than it will be much easier to identify your content. So, how do you get started with branding on youtube? For good youtube branding, you need a consistent name, an intro, and recognizable channel art or watermarks. 

One of the easiest ways to start branding on youtube is to simply use the same name on all of your social media accounts. If you use the same username throughout your online life, then it’s easier for viewers to recognize you. Not only does it help others recognize you, it also allows your content to be available to everyone, sort of like creating a network of your content. Also remember to change your youtube channels URL to match your username. Using the same name on all for your media will allow everyone to discover your content easily.The easier it is to discover your account then the more likely it is some viewers will subscribe. 

An intro is what it sounds like, and that is an introduction. Having some sort of consistent introduction or saying in your videos is extremely beneficial to your brand. A saying is very similar to a logo, and it also has the same benefits. What does the saying "mmm, I'm loving it." Remind you of? If you live in the US than you know it's from a mcdonalds commercial. When making a saying for your channel come up with something that would have the same affect as the mcdonalds saying. Having some sort of brand is sure fire way on how to get subscribers on youtube fast.

The logo for your youtube channel is very very very important. This is the first thing a person sees and is as important as your username. Your logo should be simple and easily recognizable, and convey some sort of meaning. Your logo will appear everywhere on youtube, so it would be very wise to take time and develop it into something you love. Your logo should also be featured into your channel art somehow. Hiring a professional designer would be pretty smart too if you can spend some extra money. Your channels branding and presentation are essential to getting more subscribers. 

Branding establishes you on youtube, and makes you easily recognizable outside of youtube. First it's important to make sure you have a presence outside of youtube, which is why all of your social media should direct back to your youtube channel. Another important point is to have recognizable saying, music, or video intro, people should know who you are by simply glancing or hearing. Focusing on channel art and media is another easy way to brand your channel, and make it recognizable. Branding is another key to earning more subscribers on youtube. 

How to make a viewer subscribe 

Once you do all the hard stuff, what is the last step to get the viewer to finally subscribe? There is no one thing, but I think a correct combination will increase the chance of a subscription. I've found that linking to other content, increasing viewer watchtime, and simply asking for a subscription works wonderfully in increasing subscriber count. Compelling the viewer to subscribe to your channel is the last step to getting more subscriber. 


The more time a viewer spends with your content, the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel. Keeping a video constantly entertaining is one way to keep a viewer watching. Another way to keep a viewer watching your content is by linking to other content from your youtube channel in every video. I always make an annotation to other content from my channel, so the viewer can watch more of my videos, and if they watch more of my quality content they are more likely to subscribe. Keep a viewer on your content and your turnover rate for subscribers per video will be great. 

I wanna talk a little more about linking to your content. Linking to your other content is a simple and very effective way of gaining subscribers. Some viewers are very liberal with their subscription, so they subscribe to pretty much anyone, but some viewers are very stingy with their subscriptionIf a viewer clicks on one of your annotations that link to other content, then it's very likely they are already interested in your channel, and all they need is a little more content to subscribe. Make sure your annotation is somewhat relevant to your content, and you should be good to go, and gain views and subscribers in no time.  

I've mentioned this before, but I think it's very important, which is why I'm going to repeat myself. After the end of your video always make sure to ask the viewer to subscribe. Chances are that if a viewer has watched until the end of your video, they somewhat like your content, and reminding the viewer that they can subscribe solidifies the subscription. Sometimes a viewer simply forget they can subscribe and just asking is a easy way to get the viewer to subscribe. Once I started asking the viewer to subscribe at the end of my video, my subscription per video absolute exploded. Just ask and you shall receive, sometimes. 

Getting the viewer to subscribe is the last part, but oddly enough not the most important. If you've followed all of my tips here then the likelihood that you will be getting subscribers from all over the place is pretty high. Increasing the amount of time a viewer watches your content, increases the chance that the viewer will subscribe. Linking to your other content, and creating a sort of content, also increases the chances that a viewer will subscribe. And finally, just asking for a subscription is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get a  viewer to subscribe. I wish you luck on getting more subscribers on youtube.  

If you think you've got the hang of how to get subscribers, then it's time to try your hand at Youtube Merchandesing. This great guide will help you out with that. The Printsome Guide on How to Create Your Own YouTube Merchandise

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." - Vince Lombardi

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