How to Get Viewers on Twitch

How to Get Viewers on Twitch by Starting from Low View Count

Twitch is the leading interactive video platform, tailored specifically for those in the gaming community. Everyday ten million plus viewers join together to discuss and watch video games, with a total of two million plus streamers. With competition like this it can be a challenge to increase the growth of your broadcast. The following tips below will show you how to get views on twitch, according the amount of viewers you have now. 

0 - 15 Twitch Viewers

Getting viewers on twitch in early stages is hard. From this point forth it's going to be an uphill battle to bring in a larger audience, however it is not impossible. Here are a few ways to do so. This is a good time to make sure that what you’re streaming is established, and quality. It may be adjusting settings, or even improving your personality. Continue to talk. Describe what you’re doing, your actions, and keep things interesting. Every viewer is important, so try to bring in as many as possible and don’t be afraid to self promote.

15 - 50 Twitch Viewers

Getting viewers on twitch at this stage is easier. At this point there is no longer a constant struggle to maintain viewership. You have an established base to work with. Social media is a powerful platform from where you can attract attention and gain viewers. Use this along with your active posting on game forums. Now that you have grown a bit you can also start to communicate with other streamers, which can be great exposure. There is likely something that keeps your viewers coming back to you so make sure to hold onto that and continue to present what your audience enjoys. Play some games that a large community of people love to watch as well and always keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that allow growth and expansion. 

50 - 100 Twitch Viewers

Now that you’re more established you can hone in on quality and possible improvements you can make. Put some thought into the next games that you’ll be choosing to play. Pick ones that your audience would enjoy seeing, because poor game choices can have you drop in the amount of viewers. Consistency is key in improving your streaming quality. Having your viewers feel as if they are a part of the experience is also crucial. You can build a community of people, and have a name for your viewers that is specific to them only. Try and expand your stream as far as you can by approaching companies or other broadcasters. Rejection is a possibility but you have a set amount of viewers to where you are now getting noticed. 

twitch viewers

Once you exceed the 100 viewer mark you are now able to build a brand for yourself. But do not let the attention go to your head this will likely end up having the quality of your stream suffer. But instead remain humble and enjoy yourself. Partnership is more likely of an opportunity now, you have a solid chance. Always keep in mind the basics of what got you here, and remember to have fun!

Using Social Media

Social media is now playing a major role in every sector. Today the social media platforms have replaced all the typical devices and things that it can cover. Either its about knowing news or contacting your friends, watching videos or making phone calls; the social media has the ability to do all of these functions. This is the reason that social media platforms now have millions of daily active users. Even Facebook has the benchmark of having more than 1 billion users. 

Social media is now considered as one of the best ways to market your product in low costs. You can target a larger audience of every age through social media easily. In this article, we would share you the technique through which by using various social media platforms you can increase the viewers on twitch. Check out the details below:


Twitter is one of the most popular and best networking sites; it can have great engagement with the viewers and we can also engage more people with the posts we like by simply re-tweeting them.  In order to get more viewers through twitter; one should follow the below steps:

twitch with twitter viewers
  • Create and maintain a Twitter account that represents your broadcast
  • Post and retweet quality content
  • Inject your personality
  • Direct your viewers to your Twitter account
  • Use hashtags correctly and tweet at the appropriate people
  • Use images and GIFs
  • Keep your audience up to date
  • Continue the conversation
  • Use Twitter as a general networking tool
  • Avoid the easy, ineffective road


Discord is among one of the best social platform o reach out maximum viewers in order to create a network with the and it also provides alerts and helps to plan great things with other broadcasters. Discord demands some effort to engage the new viewers but it is the best platform to work with the existing viewers and to develop a network of new broadcasters. 

  • Direct People to your Discord Channel
  • Encourage Conversation and Viewer Interaction
  • Create Channels to Appeal to Viewer Interests
  • Make an Announcement Channel
  • Reach Other Broadcasters


Facebook; the most popular social networking site but observing the history it has not been able to achieve the goal to become the source for the growth for most broadcasters. In comparison to this, twitter is much more effective. Although through doing following steps you can also engage viewers:

  • Create a Specialized “Organization” Facebook Page
  • Fill in the Details
  • Announcements Have Value
  • Set Goals
  • Don’t Overdo It

Steam Community

Steam is the platform for gamers and most of the gamers use it on daily basis. The steam community group provides them an opportunity to co-ordinate events with the viewers and doing the communication with them easily. 


Reddit is not considered as a good social platform to advertise your product in general. If you want to advertise, you can try to advertise in niche communities or through a personal subreddit. 

choosing the right games

The type of games you play can highly influence the viewers and it also impacts on the number of people you attract. In this article, we will discuss different types of games and will also discuss its pros and cons with respect to attracting an audience on twitch. 

Single Game Streaming

It is the easiest way to attract the audience by playing one exclusive game in which you are the master. You just have to provide a staple game to your viewers and your game will attract them to join your channel. Ultimately it will help you to increase the viewers just through a single game. It is a fact that people like to watch failures but on the other hand, they also like to watch skilled gameplay and the perspective of the experienced broadcaster. In this type of game, the selection of the game is very important. 


  • Networking opportunities with successful broadcasters
  • Huge growth potential


  • Breaking into a community is difficult
  • Growth is tied to game choice
  • Game exhaustion can reduce the quality of your content
  • Many viewers care about game choice, not you personally
  • Difficulty transitioning to new games
twitch popular games

Hype Games

There are many games that are famous among the public due to its hype; the limited access beta games, new releases and genera excitement attracts the larger audience to view them. Even a small event or news about such games can make you enable to gather a large number of viewers. If you are a consistent gamer and playing the hype game for a long time you can still maintain your audience.  The regular crowd and skilled gameplay will also add points for your viewers. One should pay attention to the releasing dates of the new games that one is expecting that it will get popular. They should start posting some content related to it on their channels so the viewers that are also looking for any news about that game will join your channel and ultimately your viewers will be increased. 


  • Huge growth potential
  • Potential to latch onto new game communities
  • Many game choice options


  • Lack of visibility for smaller streamers
  • Potential (temporary) loss of regular audience
  • Very difficult to gain initial traction

Community Games

In order to get more viewers to twitch through games, the community games are the best way to do that. Playing a game with your own community helps you to advertise your own content easily. One knows about the interests of their community so he can easily create an excitement about any game and can create a curiosity in them. They will join your channel and will view the content you broadcast as your content will match their needs and interests. 


  • Strengthens relationship with existing community
  • Provides opportunities for great viewer interaction


  • Directs focus away from you personally
  • Opens door to additional technical difficulties
  • Allows disruptive participants to hijack broadcast
  • Exposure is strongly tied to game choice

Variety Gaming

Other than the types of games that we have discussed above, there are so many games that do not lie in any category but they are too good and people are very curious to know the alerts and updates for those games too. So if you are such kind of a gamer or have interest regarding such games you can also attract a large number of viewers. It allows the broadcaster to get in touch with various communities and promote their channel. 


  • Unlimited game choice options
  • Loyal viewership (entertained by your personality)


  • Very slow growth rate
  • Lower conversion of one-time viewers to regular viewers
  • Settling into a single game can bore your regular audience
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