How to get Your First Twitch Viewers - Without Social Media

I think the core of the problem of streaming with no viewers is that you feel like you are wasting your time. Well, you’re not alone, there are thousands of streamers exactly in same position you are. It can be really depressing streaming for hours on twitch without having any viewers. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many new twitch streamers. Acquiring your first viewers can be one of the most challenging things to accomplish while being a streamer. It seems like many people suggest using social media to gain a twitch following, but chances are that many new twitch streamers do not have a social media following. Another disadvantage of being a new streamer with no viewers is that you are always at the bottom of every games page, making it further unlikely to gain any viewers. Today I’ll be showing you how to gain your first viewers on twitch without having a social media presence. 

Streaming on Twitch with no Viewers

Firstly, you must learn to stream without any viewers. You may feel like a crazy person talking to yourself on your twitch stream, but consider it as a sort of practice.  

Chances are that you’re streaming on twitch because you like games and maybe you wanna make some money on the side. 

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you ever play games just for fun? 

Of course you do, the problem is that you want some sort of return off your time spent gaming, maybe in the form of followers or viewers. 

Instead of treating streaming like a chore, consider it an opportunity to enjoy one of your hobbies. 

Enough with the self-help, let’s get to the nitty-gritty

Starting with 0 Viewers, 0 Follower, and 0 Influence can be a bit intimidating, but we’re gonna come from the bottom of the twitch’s game tab and rise to the top.

You already know not to play the most popular games on twitch, because they are easily taken by the most popular and influential twitch streamers, with a loyal fanbase that doesn’t watch other streamers. 

If not the most popular games, should you stream little indies that no one knows about? No

You need to have a surgical strike with your game choice on twitch, it needs to be a game in the goldilocks zone.

What is the goldilocks zone on twitch?

For a game to be in the goldilocks zone, it needs to have a substantial viewer base that is not dominated by a few streamers. 

For example, I want you to look at the image below, it’s of channels that are streaming CSGO. 

At the time of writing this post, there are about 700 channels streaming CSGO, yet the top channel has 125,000 viewers, and only going down 12 spots in the list of channels, the views quickly go down to the 200’s. 

After a thorough analysis of the viewer numbers, the top 5% of channels have 99% OF THE VIEWS.  

If you started streaming CSGO, you would not even get one viewer. But this is probably obvious to you, so what should you do if twitch favors the popular streamers. 

To find a game in the goldilocks zone, you need a site like

This site went online only a couple months ago, but it is an extremely useful tool in helping you find the right game to stream.  

The way to find the goldilocks zone for a twitch game is simple, take all the views and distribute them to see if the top channels own the majority, if the top channels own the majority, don’t stream that game. This would be a pretty tedious task, but luckily, we have a helpful site.  

Simply choose a game you have that has the lowest competition, and play it on stream.

But don’t stick to the same game. It’s really important that you don’t stick to one game. 

For one thing, if you stick with the same game for the whole stream, your audience is going to be limited. 

It would be much easier to gain viewers if you switch games every hour or 2 hours, of course switching to games that have low competition. 

Not only will you get bored from staying in the same game for hours, but chances are your audience will also get bored. 

There's a Little More Work Left

After finding the perfect game to stream, you should seriously consider logistics if you want to grow your stream. 

The most important thing to do is to stream for an appropriate amount of time. I cover this topic in another blog post, but to summarize, you need stream a MINIMUM of 4 hours. The advantages of this time are covered in the other blog post.

This may be more important than the stream length, it is vital that you keep a consistence schedule. 

It doesn’t matter if you stream once a week, twice a week or 5 days a week, you need to be consistence.

The idea behind the importance of consistency is pretty simple, the more you stream, the more likely someone will stumble upon your channel. 

In the end of the day, one idea is very important, you should stream because you like playing games, and not having any viewers right now, doesn’t mean your enjoyment of a game needs to hampered. 

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