How to Setup Donations on Twitch

Twitch is the most popular platform for online gaming. It is a home to more than 45 million gamers and broadcasters that develop creative content that aims at providing free entertainment. Becuase of its free nature, streamers on Twitch require donations. Twitch operates as a subsidiary of Amazon Inc and covers various entertainment options such as video games, music, movies, and other creative arts such as crafting, fine arts, painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, culinary arts and more. What makes Twitch more relevant to the entertainment industry is the fact that it triggers people to make purchase decision. For example, a blog post reviewing a new video game may convince a customer to purchase the game.

Why Twitch Donations Are Important

Twitch does not invite donations as a means to generate revenue. Contrary to popular opinion, the donations are not meant for Twitch itself but are directed towards the streamers that stream content for viewers to enjoy free of cost. The idea of donating to Twitch is to give the streamers an incentive for streaming content and motivate them to continue doing so. There are many renowned streamers who earn their living through streaming on Twitch and are largely dependent on the donations they receive to make ends meat. If this stream of money is cut off and they are not given any incentive to stream content, they might divert their focus on exploring other sources of income. For this reason, many Twitch followers voluntarily donate large sums of money to Twitch on a regular basis.

Twitch Alert

Twitch Alert is essentially a notification tool that can be integrated to your stream in order to keep a track of subscribers, chat boxes and donation boxes. Twitch Alert, also sometimes referred as streamlabs, is not only an excellent analytics tool but also enhances the overall viewer engagement and stream quality. The donation alert appears on stream and encourages viewers to donate more. 

Setting Up Donations For Twitch

If you are a streamer on Twitch you may want to set up a donation box to be able to receive money from your potential donors. This step by step guide will help you set up a donation box on your Twitch account. In order to setup donations, you will need to use TwitchAlerts which is now called StreamLabs.

1. First of all you need to go to in order to link it to your Twitch account. This will be done autmaticlaly when you create an account. 

2. From the options in the left column, select Alert Box. You will see a link given in a text box. Copy this link and paste it on your OBS. Note that OBS will be already there if you have a CLR browser plug in. In case you do not have a CLR browser, you can Google “CLR browser” and install the CLR plugin.

set up donation

3. At the bottom of the window you will find the control panel. Right click on the control panel area and then select “Add.” Select CLR browser from the menu and name it TwitchAlerts and click OK.

obs donation alert

4. It will now open a CLR configuration panel. Paste the StreamLabs link that you copied in the given text box.

5. Your donation box is now set up and your Twitch account is connected to StreamLabs. Every time you receive a donation, your screen will show an alert.

6. In order to set up donations or payment options, go to donation settings from the left menu.  Connect your Paypal account by going on the paypal option, You can also connect your credit cards and Skrill account by using their respective options in the same tab.

twitch paypal

7. If you have set a target for the donations you need, you can go on the Donation Goal tab from left menu and set up your donation target.

8. If you wish that your donors can see your donation goal on screen, Go to donation goal widget, and copy the html code. Then go to the CRL browser configuration panel and paste the code there, using the same steps that you used to paste your StreamLabs html code.