What are the Best Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel | How-To Method

Promoting your YouTube channel can be a difficult task, on one hand, you don’t want to be a spammer, on the other hand you need to increase your viewers and subscribers. 

So, what are the best ways to promote your YouTube channel? Today we’ll be overcoming that challenge. 

First, almost every forum that is related to YouTube has strict no self-advertising rules, so that is not a path you can take. 

You can pay for views, but that doesn’t really make long term viewers and subscribers. 

So, what is a small YouTuber supposed to do to promote their YouTube channel.

Many people say to just make quality content on YouTube with the right; title, description, and tags. But that doesn’t usually produce results. 

SEO is a big part of YouTube, but it will barley help a small YouTube channel because they get overshadowed by large YouTube channels. 

You can make the best YouTube videos in the world, but if you don’t promote it right no one will see it. 

Basically, most of advice out there to promote your YouTube channel is either obvious or not helpful to small channels. 

The truth is that you really have no one to promote to, and if you have no audience, how can you grow your youtube channel?

The problem is that you cannot effectively promote because you do not have enough reach, for example you don’t have a lot of Twitter followers. 

To solve the problem of promoting your channel, you need to increase your reach.  

When you’re a small youtube channel, you don’t need promotion, what you need is organic growth. 

Organic growth on YouTube is when your viewers do the promoting for you.

I think it’s fair to say that the dream of a YouTuber is to have their content shared by viewers, or viewers doing the promoting of your videos instead of yourself.  

Today where going to accelerate your organic growth, so your videos are organically promoted. 

Best way to Promote your YouTube Channel

Don’t make Entertainment Videos

You cannot make entertainment videos if you are small YouTube channel. No simple let’s plays or vlogs, no funny moments compilation or walkthroughs.

I know it seems odd but consider the following,

For entertainment, do you watch indie movies? Or do you watch movies from Hollywood?

Chances are that you watch big budget Hollywood movies for entertainment, because they have actors or actresses that you know, basically Hollywood movies are more popular because they have stars in them.  

Now take that logic and apply it to YouTube, there are big stars on YouTube that take over the entertainment space, and small or indie channels like yours cannot compete with those titans.

If a person wants entertainment, they will not dig through the YouTube search results to find your video, instead they will click on a super popular video from a big YouTube they already know.

youtube promoting big youtubers


Youtube promoting a popular entertainemnt channel. 

That being said, what can you focus on if not entertainment?

In the beginning stages of your YouTube channel, you should focus on solving problems. 

What do I mean? 

You need to make How-to, or tutorials about anything in your niche. 

If your channel is about gaming, then you need to show people how to do something in the game that was challenging for you to learn.

You really need to look back and see some problems you had to solve or something you had to learn in your game, and then make a video about that.

Why does this work?

This strategy of making How-To videos for your niche works because viewers are willing to search deeper into YouTube to find solutions to their problems.

Not only that, but your video has a solid purpose, and that is to solve one singular problem. Your video automatically gains value by solving a real problem. 

If you make an entertainment video, your video will not solve an entertainment problem, because popular YouTubers are already solving the entertainment problem. 

In simple terms, if you make How-to videos, your video solves a problem, and if a video solves a problem, it is guaranteed to get views.

How does this help Promote your YouTube Channel?

Many people suggest using social media to promote your YouTube videos, but this is not a good strategy because small YouTube channels do not have a large social media following. 

That strategy of social media for YouTube does make sense, promote your content where the viewers are, but currently you don’t have a large audience. 

Our goal is to increase our audience so we can promote to them, and how-to videos help you gain a following on social media so you can promote.

From there your YouTube content will slowly spread like a virus and have exponential growth, that is if it solves problem many viewers encounter. 

For this strategy of making How-to videos to work, you need to have the right topics covered.

How to Find the Right Topics, so Viewers will Promote 

Now that we know to make How-to videos to get normal promotion, we can focus on the topic of your How-to videos. 

I suggest you take the “shotgun” approach.

Think about every question or problem a person in your niche can possible have, and answer it or solve it. 

Browse online, see what questions people have. Look at sites like; Reddit, Yahoo Answers, and Quora

All the questions the viewers in your area have will be online somewhere, you can either find them or rely on your personal experiences.

For example, let’s say your channel focuses on gaming. You’re playing your game having a great time, but you encounter a problem, like a tough boss battle, you lose a couple times and then find a strategy to beat that boss. You made a strategy because you encountered the problem of the boss, and your strategy solves that problem. 

Once you make a video about your strategy to defeat a boss, YouTube itself will promote your content because when a user types in there problem, your video will be there to solve that EXACT problem. 

Why will your video show up in the search result?

Because the big youtubers do not focus on solving small or exact problems, they mainly focus on entertainment. 

Think about all the possible videos you could make, solving problems left and right, the sheer volume ensures you will solve problems no one else ever has.

Promoting your YouTube channel requires you to solve problems

In conclusion, many YouTubers go the route of promoting their channel by social media, forums, and comments. The problem with this promoting strategy is that many small youtubers that need promoting the most do not have a large online reach, or social media following. To fix this problem the goal should not be to promote but to increase audience size, so that there is an audience to promote to in the first place. One way to do this is to change the type of YouTube content being made, instead of making entertainment videos, focus on videos that solve a problem other than entertainment. I suggest making How-to videos as they solve a solid problem. Think about every single problem a person in your niche may have, or problems you have had in your niche, and produce a YouTube video about them. 

The end goal of this strategy is to have your viewers doing the promoting for you, your goal would be to promote to your audience. Once you have a large following, only then can you shift to entertainment videos if you wish. 

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