What to do if you can't afford new games for let's play

During the holiday season, many gamers plan on spending money for video games. Let’s play youtubers also plan on spending money, usually a little more than the average gamer. Playing the newest games and most current games is important for many YouTube let’s players. Eventually, many let’s players realize just how expensive it is to play the newest games for their let’s play channel. Today we will be covering the topic of new games and let’s plays. And if the financial investments of buying new games are worth it for your YouTube channel growth.

Stop buying the newest games for let’s play

If you’re a small youtuber, you shouldn’t be making let’s play videos with the latest video games. The reason for this is because big youtubers have already beaten you to the punch. In fact, they’ve beaten you even before the match started, or in this case, before the release date. Large let’s play channels on YouTube almost always get earlier access to video games than small let’s players, and because of this, almost all the content viewers want to watch from a new game is already uploaded and ranked highly. 

This problem for small let’s players is especially true for triple A video games. These games are almost always given to popular let’s players to raise sales. The first access disadvantage added on with the $60 price, can make buying new games for a small let’s play channel a terrible investment. 

This problem of big youtubers getting games first is most obvious with triple A single player story games. Story driven games can only offer the same content repeatedly. Think about it, unless the game is like Mass Effect or The Witcher, it will have a fairly linear story. If all the content is the same, a viewer doesn’t need to browse different YouTube channels, and can simply watch one let’s player, usually a popular one. 

We now know that ultra-popular triple A games are not good for small let’s play channels, because all the ranking is hogged up by big YouTube channels with special connections for first access. The relationship between the game publishers and popular YouTube channels, leaves small or new let’s players with no chance of ranking highly in the YouTube search results.

There is some hope for small let’s players

First access to video games is especially harmful to small let’s players, but a small let’s play channel can still survive by spending money wisely. 

Avoid triple A games, this may seem detrimental to your let’s play channel, but consider the following. These games have massive advertising budgets and are extremely popular, but what makes them toxic to your youtube channel is that they have a relationship with your competition, a relationship that benefits your let’s play competition. 

Instead, focus your attention on small games or games by indie developers. If you’re on PC, the Steam Early Access section is the perfect environment to find games that fit our need. Early Access games are not too popular and not too unpopular, these games are perfectly in the goldilocks zone for small let’s play channels.  

steam early.JPG

Early access games are perfect for new or smaller let’s play youtubers, because they are much cheaper than triple A games. On Steam, the average early access game is about $15, which is much more affordable than the $60 for a triple A game. 

Steam developers on the early access section have also gone through a review process and are heavily influenced by the gaming community. This means the game won’t be a complete waste of money, because of continued development. If a game simply has bad reviews, don’t purchase it. 

There is also a longer-term advantage of steam early access games and that is re-playability. Steam early access games constantly receive updates and change, allowing you to make multiple let’s play videos covering new features. 

Once you gain a decent following on youtube, you can slowly shift to more and more popular games. 


If you’re a small or new let’s play channel on YouTube, you should not buy the latest triple A games. Firstly, these games for let’s plays are very expensive, and you will quickly end up burning through your cash with little return. Secondly, game publishers of these popular games have relationships with the big names in the youtube let’s play category, which usually resorts in the already popular YouTubers getting early access to new games.  The early access from game publishers to popular let’s play channels overshadows your small channels ability to compete. Not only will you get the game the same date as every other gamer, but your competition will already rank in first place. Fortunately, there is a way that you can grow your let’s play channel, and that is by supporting small game developers. Steam early access is a great source for let’s play games. Not only are these games more affordable for small let’s play channels, but are also in continuous development, allowing you to make multiple let’s play videos about the same game.