YouTube Description Template - Learn What Makes the Best Description

youtube description template

The description space is a useful tool to help attract and increase the number of views on your videos.

It is helpful to think about the description space on YouTube as two parts, the part people will see and "Show more." button.

Focus on the first part for giving a brief description of the video's content. We have a great youtube description template below.

Youtube descriptions should be SEO friendly, and use keywords in natural language. Make your descriptions interactive by adding links to your description.

All links related to your video or channel should be in the Show More section.

Put information that you'd like to have in all your videos in the "Default Description" option. This makes adding descriptions less tedious, so you don't have to add the same information .  

youtube description template

Credit any collaborators you worked with and include links to their content creations. This encourages your partners to link back to you.

Include time stamps in long videos, so your viewers can go to the section that they find most interesting.

You can also include links to playlists with videos like yours.

When you include links in the description space, remember to type in "http://" to make them clickable.

With the popularity of social media, comes the popularity of hashtags. Everybody uses them everywhere now and they serve a purpose.

Hashtags in your video's description helps viewers find your video through specific hashtags. But, you should note that less is sometimes more with hashtags on YouTube.

Too many hashtags causes YouTube to ignores all hashtags, more than 15 is too many.

Keep your description concise and related to your video's content. remember to make your description advertiser friendly.

Advertisers look at keywords to spot videos that agree with their brand's image. 

youtube description template

You can check the effectiveness of your description using the search bar on YouTube.

See how the description looks on different devices as it may be different on a desktop and on a mobile device.

Use your YouTube analytics to know what keywords bring more views to your video. 

Omit, the description space under your YouTube video can help you get more views.

Fill in the description of every new video, make it unique and interesting.

The description must be relavent to your videos content. The default description can be a easy way to set up a template.

Copy and paste the YouTube description template below into your default description. 

[411 character here] 


[Include the rest of your description here]

Link #1:

Link #2:

Link #3: