Does Using Youtube Hashtags Get More Views?


Hashtags on Youtube help users search through videos. Knowing how to use them is important when you’re trying to increase your views. If your video is new, hashtags are a great way to get people watching. Hashtags use specific terms, which means the viewers you get are more likely to view your video.

What's The Point of Hashtags?

Hashtagging has become popular across social media websites. Hashtags on Youtube group videos, images, and messages and make it easier for users to find them. Clicking on the tag will link you to every other video which has used that hashtag. This makes it much faster for people to find everything related to a topic. It also means companies and campaigns can better join up their content. Hashtags don’t use any spaces, so sometimes people create long hashtags.

Youtube Hashtag Rules 

Don't have too many hashtags, because Youtube will ignore all hashtags on a video if there are more than 15. It's important to keep hashtags relevant and related to your topic. Viewers will not like clicking on a video with misleading hashtags. Hashtags must follow Youtube rules, no promoting any hate speech etc.


While hashtags might be a great way to increase your views, they won’t do all the work of getting video views. To boost views; your video title should be unique, catchy, and intriguing so people will watch. Youtube is a visual platform where people like watching, rather than reading. You should also remember to use an appropriate thumbnail, as eye-catching as possible. Your thumbnail is the first visual contact you make, so make sure it attracts their attention.

Hashtags are a great way to reach a specific audience and to get a new video high in the Youtube search results. Hashtags popularity across social media means it's something to include in your videos. You should even consider editing hashtags into older videos. Hashtags used with other techniques, can be a great way to boost your views on Youtube.