Youtube Video Tags - Youtube SEO Guide

What is Youtube SEO? 

Youtube seo means doing search engine optimization for the youtube search bar. SEO means optimizing your youtube video so it shows up when select keywords in your video are searched in the youtube search bar. Keywords are words or phrases that someone may search up on youtube like "How to make a pancake" or "How to level up fast in Call of Duty". Your goal is to make sure your content contains these keywords, so your video  shows up when someone searches your phrases. There are four ways I've found that you can do Youtube SEO, and they are your Title, Description, Tags, and finally your video thumbnail. Below I will cover them in depth, so you can have the best SEO on Youtube. Of course, I will cover youtube video tags. 


I think the title is the most important part when talking about youtube seo. The title is the main thing that draws audience in and because of that should be thought about for  along time. The maximum characters you can have in the title are 100, so they should be chosen wisely. Try typing the title in like you would search in the youtube search bar, I've found that plain English is the best to use and try not to over complicate the title. In the beginning of the title should be the most important part of your title for example instead of using the phrase "Tom Clancy's The Division How to Level up Faster and Get More EXP" use the phrase "How to Level up Faster and Get More EXP - Tom Clancy's The Division" The most important part of the video is in the beginning and the known information is in the back. Copying the title in your youtube video tags is also a good idea.

youtube seo title


The description is the second most important part of a youtube video. Again, for optimal youtube seo it's best to type the description in plain English and try to include keywords that you want to focus on. The description of your youtube video is the second thing the youtube search engine focuses on, so it's also important to put in thought on what to write. Try to go into as much detail as possible, but also try to make sure it is natural information the viewer would like to know. Including some links to other videos or social media also helps. The description should be a minimum of 150 words, but not as long as 300 words because that is just not a natural length of a description.  Copying important words from the description and puttign them in your youtube video tags is another good idea. 

youtube seo description

Youtube Video Tags

This is where the title comes useful. The tags for youtube videos are the most often looked over part of doing youtube seo. The Tags are the keywords you want your video focused on. It's best to write your tags into your video first and then have the title and description focus on those tags/keywords. As mentioned in the first paragraph it's important to use keyword or phrases that a normal person would search in the youtube search bar, and make sure the most important parts keywords or phrases are in the beginning of the tags too.  

youtube seo tags


I think a good thumbnail is also vital to youtube seo. Now the youtube search engine can't really see your thumbnail, but a viewer can and almost always, the viewer chooses the thumbnail that looks the best. Making a good thumbnail is not technically SEO, but it does help optimize your video for real people. A good thumbnail is easily recognized and not too complex. Most of the things in a thumbnail should be big because a viewer only sees a small version of it. I can't say much about this subject because it's more a trial and error thing. Having words from your youtube video tags is also acceptable. 

youtube seo thumbnails


Youtube seo is a vital part of a healthy and successful youtube channel. Focuses on the title, description, tags and thumbnail will encourage the youtube search engine and viewers to choose your video over others. I hope this post helped out some of you that were having a hard time understanding, and if you'd like to read more posts become a subscribers on the top right.